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How to Install Epson Printer Driver on Ubuntu?
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Install Epson Printer Driver on Ubuntu
Printers are not about printing anymore. You need efficiency and crystal clear, smooth printing
along with that. To maintain your Epson Printer’s performance, you need proper printer driver
or a professional aid by Epson Printer Customer Support Number 1-800-610-6962. Whenever
your printer starts to act abnormally, you can always optimize it by downloading necessary
printer drivers. With the help of the blog post, you can easily install Epson printer driver on
Ubuntu. Printer drivers are one of the most requisite software. It works as a bridge between
printer and the other hardware devices connected to it. With compatible printer driver
software, you can establish a proper connection between printer and computer. Installation of
Epson Printer driver on Ubuntu should be done with care. Mistake may lead to malfunction
and miscommunication within the system.
Call us :1-800-213-8289
Steps to Install Epson Printer Driver
on Ubuntu:
Step 1: First of all, you need to download the driver for
your printer from a trusted official website of Epson.
Step 2: Next you need to add trusty repositories. To do so:
You need to open a terminal and thus type the down
mentioned command:
sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
Next at the bottom of the file add the following
deb trusty main
Press CTRL+X, Y and the Enter button together to save
Next, you need to run the following command:
sudo apt-get update
Step 3: Next you need to install isb with: sudo apt-get
install lsb
Step 4: As you install the printer driver, run it with
the following command: sudo dpkg -i
Step 5: Remove the trusty repos the sources list:
Type the following command after opening the
following source:
sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
Now from the bottom the file remove the
following file:
trusty main
Ave the changes with CTRL+X, Y and Enter
Run the following command: sudo apt-get
Step 6: Navigate to Printers and add your Epson
Call us :1-800-213-8289
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Call Us: 1-800-610-6962
Call us :1-800-213-8289
Call us :1-800-213-8289
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