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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Features
3. Screenshots
Magento 2 Customer Attributes Extension helps you create extended
Customer Registration form to get vital customers' details.
Create a better registration form than the standard Magento form and
enrich your customer marketing database which can help store owner
to build a strong marketing strategy with MageSales' Magento 2
Customer Attributes Extension.
Admin gets the authority to create custom fields such as custom text or a
custom checkbox, radio button, dropdown menu etc. for user or customers
with the help of this plugin.
Why do we need Magento 2 Customer Attributes?
• Gather marketing insights (e.g., how customers plan to use your product).
• Provide a highly personalized registration experience in Magento.
• Approve new users before they can log in to their accounts.
• Admin can easily extend the sign up form.
• Easy to use from magento 2 back-end and supported by all html input
• Admin can create any type of input field and insert into registration form.
• All kind of attribute supported.
• Easy to capture more customer information like Date Of Birth, Hobby etc.
• Custom Field validation for registration form.
• Support all input types including dropdown, dependable field, multi select
and image upload during signup form.
• Visible on Sales Email.
• Visible on Sale’s order and invoice.
• The code is fully open & you can customize it according to your need.
• Fully dynamic module that means you don’t need any technical
knowledge to extend signup form fields.
• Multistore & Multi-Language Supported
• 100% Open Source Coding
• Free Lifetime Support & Free Lifetime Extension Upgrades
Menu Configuration
Customer Attribute Grid
Add New Customer Attribute
Customer Account
Customer Address Type Attribute

Magento 2 Customer Attributes