Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification

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1. Introduction
2. Features
3. Screenshots
Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification helps you keep your customers
updated about the products back in stocks via emails.
Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification Extension by MageSales is an
excellent option to keep your customers up to date about the products'
stock status and other details of their interest.
Provide a subscription option to an out of stock product and send an
alert email when the product is back in stock with the help of Magento
2 Out of Stock Notification extension.
The customer can opt-in to receive alerts as they want. This extension
will save your customers' time and efforts to look out for the products
they want when they aren't in stock. In this way, you enhance your
store's customer experience.
• The user gets to see the availability of the stock on the front-end itself
• The user can subscribe to receive automatic out of stock and back in stock notification in case
store inventory is updated
• Mail is sent to all those users who have subscribed to it once the product is available again
• The Admin can also know whenever the user is notified
• Cron job(schedule job) will take care of checking and sending the emails to the subscribed users
• Enable out of stock notification for guest / not-logged-in customers
• Manage stock subscription in Customer Account Page
• Multistore Supported
• Multi-Language Supported
• 100% Open Source
• Free Lifetime Support
• Free Lifetime Upgrades
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