5 features that makes VIVO smartphones unique

5 features that makes
VIVO smartphones
Many smartphones come and go every day, but not all lasts for long.
Why? Because they fail to create a disparity from other popular
Over the years, as people’s lifestyles are improving, they seek
smartphones that make their lives easier apart from keeping them
entertained. And for this reason, Vivo smartphones, for their unique
features, are well-preferred amongst people. Below are the features that
make them unique
From face beauty to app clone to fast processor, there is nothing a Vivo
smartphone cannot do to make your life easier. For this reason, its
smartphones are well-received amongst people, and the user base is just
growing by the day.
What makes these smartphones so unique? Well, you can know it by
yourself. Here are some of the unique features available in Vivo
Face Beauty 7.0 and Face Beauty for video calls
When was the last you felt good looking at yourself while being
on a video call with somebody? Been a while, right? Many of us,
we are sure, must have faced this problem at least once in life
where they felt weird looking at themselves while video-chatting
with anyone.
The reason behind this being the impotency of your camera to
enhance your feature. And this is where Vivo smartphone,
especially Vivo V7—one of the affordably priced smartphone,
comes to play. The smartphone, amongst its many interesting
features, has Face Beauty for Video Calls feature that amplifies
your features so you look attractive even on video calls.
Using this feature, you won’t feel timid anymore and might
indulge in more such chats than ever.
Portrait Mode
How annoying is it when you finally, after a lot of efforts—
different poses, styles, etc.—get the right, but then you
discover that the background, in which there are unpleasant
elements, has ruined your picture, and you are left discovering
why! To counter these kinds of problems, where you only
want the focus to be on yourself and no one else, Vivo V7
introduced Portrait Mode, which blurs out the background so
you can get the depth in the photos you have long desired.
This mode also makes your photos look more aesthetically
appealing and professional. So, if you’re a sucker for good
picture, get your hands on Vivo V7—a decent-priced
smartphone—and get clicking started.
Full View Display
With life so fast and industrious, there is hardly time for
entertainment for life, but it is a need, and without it, life
feels boring and mundane.
So, to cover up for this gap, people fuel up themselves with
entertainment on their smartphones. They watch movies, TV
shows, news, etc. But, poor display quality of your
smartphone can sometimes kill the excitement.
What’s the solution? Simple! A smartphone with a good
display, which you will get in any Vivo smartphone,
especially Vivo y55s. A better display quality always enhances
your experience a hundredfold—and it is something you
Smart Split
Picture this: There is an important conversation going on WhatsApp
while on the other hand you need to attend to emails also.
How do you manage both the things simultaneously? You can’t,
unless your smartphone has Smart Split feature.
This feature helps you operate two different apps on single screen
simultaneously by dividing each one of them into two halves.
This will allow you to juggle efficiently where you don’t need to
switch back and forth on apps.
Smart Screen flash
Selfie cameras are best for taking photos in daylight where you
can capture all the elements precisely, but, having said this, have
you tried capturing pictures at night in low light? If you have, you
would observe that it doesn’t give the similar effect as those
pictures when taken in daylight.
This is because your smartphone’s camera lack Smart Screen
Flash, which is available in Vivo y55s smartphone. This feature
enables the capturing of all the elements effectively even in lowlight photography with the use of the flash.
So, be it anytime of the day, don’t miss out on important
moments with Vivo y55s smartphone.
So, what are you waiting for? Get
Thank You
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