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How to Fix Epson t 60 General Errors?
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Fix Epson t 60 General Errors
General printing errors in Epson t 60 is the cause of many
printing difficulties. To annihilate such technical blunders,
contact Epson Printer Customer Support 1-800-610-6962
(Toll-Free). To Fix Epson t 60 General Errors, you first
need to understand the root cause of such errors. If you are
trying to troubleshoot Epson Printer issue, you first need to
diagnose the error. And thus apply the appropriate solution in
appropriate place. An Epson Printer may face common
printing errors like Paper Jam, Print Quality Error, and Print
Head related Damages and connectivity issues and many
more. Epson Printer performs perfectly until and unless some
error troubles its functions. Get your printer free from such
common errors to keep you printer in healthy state.
Call us : 1-800-213-8289
Solutions to Troubleshoot Epson t
60 General Errors:
Solution 1: understanding common
error and troubleshooting them
 The most common errors that bug
Epson Printer are:
 Accumulation of dust at the Paper
 Dust accumulation at Printer Head
 Wet Sensor at the Printer Head
caused by leaked cartridge
 To fix such sort of errors, you need
to clean the sensor thoroughly. Use a
cotton cloth or tissue to clean the
cable. If the error still persists, you
may need to replace the sensor
completely. You can also find a
damaged printer or surplus related
to it to do so.
Solution 2: Alternate Solution
 If you are still having errors in your
Epson t 60, you need to look for the
following errors and thus
troubleshoot them. Look for
problem in the followings:
 Check whether the motor belt is
fine or not. The motor is where the
printer head belt is attached.
 Damage in printer board.
 Damage in printer head.
 After thorough check up,
troubleshoot each and every error
carefully. And you can easily
dismiss all sorts of Epson Printer
errors within a minute.
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