Treat hair disorders with best hair specialist doctor in Mumbai

Treat hair disorders with best hair specialist doctor in Mumbai
When more of the scalp and less hair is visible in the mirror, it is time to see the best hair specialist in
Mumbai. Availing the services of the top hair specialist doctor in Mumbai helps to restore confidence by
triggering regrowth of hair and arresting further hair loss. From hormonal imbalances to the various
stresses and emotional turmoil in life, the reasons for early onset of hair loss are extensive. A visit to the
best hair specialist in Mumbai helps to pin down the problems and prevent it from causing irrevocable
hair loss.
It is all in the genes
One of the most common reasons for hair loss is hereditary. A significant percentage of men and women
suffer from hair loss that has been attributed to inherited genes. The number is higher in emerging
countries, due to the compounding factors of pollution and hectic lifestyle. Despite the reasons for hair
loss, it is possible to reverse, and to treat hair loss permanently. Contrary to perceptions that hereditary
hair loss stands lesser chances of success, it has been proved that most forms of hair loss can be treated
with slightly varying results.
From diagnosis to treatment – rely on experience for better outcomes
From hair examination to scalp biopsies, including the odd blood tests, whole ranges of diagnostics are
deployed to determine the underlying causes for hair loss. A qualified, competent and experienced
trichologist is best equipped to accurately diagnose the condition and prescribe the right treatment, which
could involve the topical applications, oral medication, injections to the scalp or hair implantation. A
better outcome is guaranteed when treatment is handled by experienced trichologists. Inexperience
would reflect not only in the results, but can actually lead to side effects.
Variety of treatment options
With a skilled hair specialist doctor in Mumbai it is possible to receive the best treatment from among
various options. A proper treatment regimen can restore lustre, volume and bounce back to your hair.
Approved medications like minoxidil are topical applications generally prescribed when hair loss occurs as
a result of hypertension. However, the medication is effective upto a certain age, beyond which it will
become necessary to opt for other options.
Prescription medication to treat hair loss in men includes finasteride, which comes in pill form and slows
down hair loss in men. Corticosteroids are also prescribed when hair loss is induced by inflammation. To
achieve best results among the aged or when the scalp has a greater bald area, hair transplant, scalp
reduction or expansion, and scalp flaps are performed. Hair regrowth treatment is both restorative and
revitalising. PRP Stem Cell Therapy and QR678 injections are other popular and top of the line
interventions used in many cases with greater success. QR678 treatment involves injecting small doses of
the revolutionary molecule into the scalp over multiple sessions. This triggers hair regrowth, similar to
that of PRP Stem Cell Therapy which involves the injection of enriched cells. In the hands of a skilled and
veteran trichologist, it is possible to get the best results without side effects in an affordable manner.
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