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Get Canadian Work Visa in
Few Steps
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Each year, around 200,000 foreign-skilled workers
come to work in Canada on Temporary Work Permits.
Canadian work permit make provisions for working in Canada
without the need to Undergo points-based assessments.
In order to work in Canada on a temporary basis,
foreign-skilled workers must have an offer of employment
from a Canadian employer and be granted a Labor Market
Opinion by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada
Learn How to Get a Canada Work Visa
Understanding the process is crucial when applying for
a Canadian work permit visa. Canadian work visas, which are
temporary and are not the same thing as Canada immigration
visas, are in most cases available only to those who have a job
offer from a Canadian employer who is authorized to fill the
position with a foreign worker.
The employer must cooperate with the prospective
employee to complete this process because a positive labor
market opinion (a document confirming the position’s status)
is usually required to obtain the work visa.
1. Determine whether a passport or temporary resident visa
will be required to obtain a temporary work visa. These items
are only required for some prospective employees, and it’s
best to obtain passports and submit applications for additional
visas early in the Canada immigration process if they are
2. Check on the requirements to apply for a work visa. The
requirements depend on the position. For most jobs, a written
job offer from the employer, proof of a positive labor market
opinion and a diploma or proof of work experience are
necessary to apply for the visa.
For jobs that do not require a positive labor market
opinion, a passport (or another travel document) and proof of
immigration status in the country from which you are applying
are required. A medical exam or criminal background check
may also be necessary.
3. Obtain a temporary work visa application package from the
Citizenship and Canadian immigration from Dubai (see
Resources). Fill out all materials in the application package
and gather together all additional paperwork required for the
4. Find your Canadian visa office. The application and
paperwork must be submitted, either in person or through the
mail, to the Canadian visa office that is responsible for
processing applications from your country or region. Ask the
workers in that office about a processing fee; the costs vary
depending on the type of visa and the office.
Submit the application and paperwork, along with the
correct application fee and any other necessary materials, to
the visa office. Any incomplete applications will be returned to
the applicants, so make sure all the requirements are fulfilled.
5. Check the Canada visa processing times. Work visa
processing times can vary depending on where you are
applying from. Submitting the application with all required
materials can speed things along.
6. Keep the Canadian visa office updated on address changes,
name changes, or changes in marital status or living situation.
Any changes can slow the application process if authorities are
not informed of the situation.
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