Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Emails

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Features
3. Screenshots
Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Emails Extension helps Magento 2 Store
Owner to remind their customers about the abandoned cart with an
appealing email.
Create abandoned cart alert system for your Magento 2 store with
customized email templates and send cart reminders with Magesales'
Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Emails Extension.
Cart Abandonment affects adversely, and the customers need to be
reminded about their incomplete purchase to increase the conversion
Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email extension enables to send a
reminder email to customers about the forgotten items in the cart with
attractive offers or coupons which may convince them to buy those
• Turn abandoned carts into completed purchases.
• Send automatic abandoned cart reminders to customers.
• Allow customers to recover carts in one click.
• Notify customers about abandoned carts via email
• Send alerts to registered members or guests
• Stop all alerts if a customer makes a purchase
• Customizable your template email
• Ability to specify a delay of sending emails in days, hours, minutes
• Automatic integration of discount coupon in promotion rule
• Save all-time history of abandoned carts and alerts in your store.
• Apply rule based on customer groups
• Set product conditions for abandoned cart rules.
• Multistore Supported
• Multi-Language Supported
• 100% Open Source
• Free Lifetime Support
• Free Lifetime Upgrades
Add New Rule
Manage Queue
Manage Rules
Product Conditions
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