2018 Comes with a Batch of Brilliant New Smartphones

2018 Comes with a Batch of Brilliant New
Have you been wondering about the best way to ring in 2018? We’ve got
a couple of suggestions to get you started. We’ve compiled a list of some
of the smartest Vivo smartphones that will make each day butter smooth
and a lot more exciting.
This year, usher in cutting-edge technology, incredible innovation and
avant-garde advancement. Pamper yourself with the latest in technology
with some of the best in the Android smartphone department.
Here’s a list of some Vivo smartphones that will make a splendid
replacement for your old one.
Vivo V7+ – Starting at Rs. 18,999
The Vivo V7+ gives its users many reasons to fawn over it. Its sleek
design and wide 5.9-inch display being one of the first. If you were
wondering about the overall performance of the device, its
powerful 1.8GHz Octa-Core processor and fluid Android 7.1
operating system will oblige with a worthy demonstration.
This makes it perfect for consuming multimedia. The 24MP front
shooter will make all your selfies stand out while the 16MP rear
camera produces sharp and clear images.
The 3225mAh battery is powerful and can handle daily usage
effectively on a single charge. This enables it to run interruptionfree when you multitask.
Vivo V7 – Starting at Rs. 15,699
The Vivo V7 came after the Vivo V7+ and offers a performance
that’s just as incredible. With slender dimensions of 149.30 x
72.80 x 7.90 mm, this device is available in Champagne Gold
and Matte Black variants.
The smartphone has a few features in common with its
predecessor, the V7+, but offers a smaller touchscreen—5.7
The dynamic display of this beauty offers resolutions of 720 x
1440 pixels that make multimedia come alive.
The phone has a 32GB internal storage as opposed to the Vivo
v7+’s massive 64GB.
Vivo V5 Plus – Starting at Rs. 15,599
The Vivo V5 Plus is a real treat to the eyes with its slender
gold chassis and smoothly curved edges.
But don’t let its dainty looks fool you; this smartphone
delivers a monstrous performance with its built-in
Snapdragon 625 Octa-Core processor and 4GB RAM.
It has a high-resolution, 5.5-inch display that presents all your
favourite movies, videos, games and websites with crystal
The pictures you click on the 16MP rear and 20MP front
cameras of the Vivo V5 Plus are sharp, bright and look very
The Android 6.0 OS of this phone is perfect for multitaskers as
it offers a fluid interface.
Vivo V5s – Starting at Rs. 14,246
The Vivo V5s is perfect for those who consume copious amounts of
online content on a daily basis. It has all the features required to
help you have a multimedia-rich experience.
The modest Vivo v5s price A bright 5.5-inch screen, supporting high
resolutions of 720 x 1280 pixels, displays images with brilliant clarity
and vibrant colours that look lifelike.
The 20MP front shooter creates stunning selfies while the 13MP rear
camera clicks portraits, landscapes and other pictures with true-tolife accuracy.
All these amazing features are accompanied by superior battery life
that ensures you stay entertained all day on a single charge. What’s
more! The Vivo v5s price makes all these features seem like a steal.
Vivo V5 – Starting at Rs. 13,699
Resolve to pamper yourself with the Vivo V5 smartphone. It has many feathers
in its hat. For starters, its 5.5-inch screen displays vivid and vibrant images at
magnificent resolutions of 720 x 1280 pixels that make all your content come to
Ensuring that your games and apps run glitch-free is the impressive MediaTek
MT6750 Octa-Core processor that has a clock speed of 1.5GHz.
The potency of the processor combined with the user-friendly interface of the
Android 6.0.1 operating system creates a sophisticated performance. The built-in
3000mAh battery stays up and running throughout the day, so you can always
stay connected.
All the Vivo phones on this list vary in price and features, so you can go ahead
and purchase a phone that suits your needs, preferences and budget. All the
phones here come packed with the latest in technology and features to give you
a fantastic user experience. So, take your pick and make your life an entertaining
and well-connected one.
Thank You
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