Magento Security Patches Installation

Magento Security Patch Installation
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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Description
Magento Security Patches Installation by Meetanshi provides
professional help to keep your data safe and hack-free by installing
security patches on time.
Magento is very well known for e-commerce business and hence the
center of attraction to hackers. Magento provides security against
threats to your stores by introducing security patches, i.e., SUPEE
patches. Keep your data safe and hack-free by installing security
patches on time. Meetanshi has served professionally in Magento
Security Patches Installation and has proved its expertise in the area.
The installation requires specialized knowledge. The wrong method of doing it may affect your
whole site, and surely one may not want it.
To avoid that mess take a look at our Magento Patch Installation Process:
 Checking for the latest available patches for your current Magento version and compare
which are not installed through
 Backing up all files to be patched.
 Login to admin panel, disabling compilation and clearing the cache to check if everything
works fine.
 Creating staging mode of the website files on which the security patches will be applied first.
 Applying the patches to the staging files via SSH or FTP.
 Testing for the successful patch installation in staging.
 Applying the patches to your live website.
 Clearing the cache and enabling compilation.
What difference do we make?
Verify pre-installed SUPEE patches beforehand.
No data loss guarantee
A/B testing
Contact us immediately and guard your store with
Meetanshi’s Magento Security Patch Installation.
Thank you!
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