Magento 2 Matrix Rates

Magento 2 Matrix Rates
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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Features
3. Screenshots
Magento 2 Matrix Rates Extension lets you offer custom made
shipping options. Use various custom variables or their combination to
calculate the shipping rate.
1. Location-based Rates
2. Ability to add custom attributes related to all types of products for
best Shipping Rates
3. One can add Product Attributes using .csv file
4. Allows Maximum Flexibility and Reliability for Shipping Rates
5. Lets you offer Shipping Options based on the Product Quantity
6. Allow making Shipping Options dependable on Weight of the
7. Option to differ Shipping Options based on Product Price
8. Display Estimated Time & Date along with Each Shipping
9. Supports Shipping Rates either in Percentage or at a Flat Rate
10. Differ Shipping Rates for Specific Product Types & Groups
11. Virtual Product Type Excluded from the Shipping Rates
12. Assign Maximum and Minimum Shipping Rates to be applied on
whole order with multiple products
Shipping Table Rates Grid
Add New Rate
Import Rates
Method and Rates
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