Magento 2 Order Attachment

Magento 2 Order Attachment
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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Features
3. Screenshots
Magento 2 Order Attachment helps manage order data and add
attachment along with the corresponding order.
Let your customers edit, upload or add attachments:
You do not need to worry about the data which customers have
uploaded. Using Magento 2 Order Attachment extension data can be
attached to their orders which can be viewed by customers as well as
admin. It can also be deleted by customers if need be.
Advanced features for admin:
• Add order attachment files from Order View section in Backend.
• Specify the file size and type to be uploaded by customers from the
• Edit or remove attachment or set it as hidden from the backend.
• Apply Customer Group Restrictions for Attachments.
• Moreover, Admin and customers can add comments while uploading
attachments and can upload multiple files in single order.
• Ease your task of managing order data with Magento 2 Order
Attachment extension.
General Configuration
Customer Settings
Email Settings
Customer Account Order Attachment List
Checkout Page
Admin Order View
Add New Attach Order View Customer Account
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