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Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2018 Examination
Business Communication and Etiquette
Q 1) Share your most memorable interpersonal and intrapersonal interactions in the recent
past at your workplace. Which principles govern interpersonal communication?
Q 2) As a customer relationship executive, it is your responsibility to convey the refusal of
loan request to your loyal customer via a letter. What steps will you take while drafting the
reply to ensure the customer continues to trust your services?
Q 3) You are the lead flight attendant on your aircraft. Your prime responsibility is to guide
your crew to provide the best hospitality to the passengers so they prefer travelling with your
a) During greeting the passengers on board, two things are most important eye contact and
body language. What guidance will you provide to your crew on these important non-verbal
b) If your team encounters an irate customer travelling alone with a baby who has been
delayed by 7 hours owing to flight cancellation, how will you communicate so that the
customer feels comfortable?
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Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2018
Business Economics
1. Suppose the demand equation for computers by Teetan Ltd for the year 2017 is given by
Qd= 1200-P and the supply equation is given by Qs= 120+3P. Find equilibrium price and
analyse what would be the excess demand or supply if price changes to Rs 400 and Rs 120.
2. Assume that at the price of 75, the demand for the product is 250 units. If the price of the
product increases to 90, the demand decreases to 150 units. Calculate and analyse the
difference in the value of price elasticity using Arc Elasticity Method and Percentage Method.
3. Alpha Ltd was planning to start production next year. Different departments of the
company were working together to forecast the demand of the product in the market.
a) If you are manager of the company mention the steps and the factors that would be
for forecasting the demand of rice in the market.
b) The price of rice and its demand (in kg) produced by Alpha Ltd in 2018 is given in the table.
Fit a linear regression line and estimate and analyse the demand for rice when price is Rs 50
per kg.
Price(Rs/kg) 17 20 24 28 32
Demand(Kg) 80 75 65 60 54
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Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2018 Examination
Corporate Social Responsibility
Caselet :
Biobeauty Ltd‘s idea of responsible business is to use only natural ingredients sourced from
all over the country, it believes that this will help protect the planet and the people
depending on it. It is especially recognised for not testing its products on animals, other
brand values are support community, defend human rights and activate self esteem. Last
year it donated Rs. 50 lac to support various human rights and women empowerment
organization across India.
According to its annual report of 2015-16 it now needs to comply with section 135 of the
Companies Act 2013 and spend 2 % of its net profit on CSR. Hence this year Biobeauty will
have to spend Rs 10 crore on CSR as per the mandate.
Biobeauty is deeply entrenched in working with the community through its supply chain as it
sources majority of its raw material through self help groups (SHG) run and managed by
women from rural and tribal areas. It has partnered with multiple NGO’s to help organize
these rural/tribal women set up SHG’s and co-operative societies for growing and trading in
herbs / flowers/ fruits / berries etc for which it is the captive buyer.
Q1. As CSR Manager you have been asked to come up with three new initiatives/projects
from those listed under schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013 that the company can spend
its CSR budget on. Design and develop a business plan around these 3 areas that you have
selected covering the objectives (impacts expected), goals (target set), target stakeholder,
geographical area where it will be implemented, time frame. Please be very specific and
relevant to the company and section 135 requirements.
Q2. The CEO at Biobeauty Ltd wants your opinion on whether to partner with an NGO or
should Biobeauty work directly with the target stakeholders for the 3 new CSR initiatives
/projects selected by you. Prepare a document of approx 1000 words for your CEO giving the
advantages and disadvantages for Biobeauty in both the scenarios.
Q3A. Companies Act 2013 requires Biobeauty Ltd to disclose its CSR Policy on its website as
well as Annual Report of the company. Based on what you know so far about Biobeauty,
frame a relevant and suitable CSR Policy, what is the key purpose of the policy and what are
the CSR focus areas of Biobeauty Ltd.
Q3B. As part of CSR Team you have been asked to write a report of approx 500 words, which
will be published on the company’s website under “CSR at Biobeauty”, detailing the 3 new
CSR initiatives/projects that Biobeauty has implemented in 2016-17. You must use the ones
you shortlisted in Ans1.
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Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2018 Examination
Management Theory and Practice
1. Jeff Weiner (CEO- LinkedIn) is known for his open and compassionate leadership style. He
spends quite some time coaching his executives and encourages them to put the customer
first and think like an owner. Explain with examples, what type of leader is Jeff Weiner and
what kind of leadership style (with reference to leadership styles mentioned in your text
book) does he practice?
2. ‘The New You’ manufactures garments and is currently engaged in jeans, shirts, trousers,
swimwear for men and school uniforms for boys. They have product based organization
structure in place. However, it is prohibiting the company to achieve its company-wide goals
as each unit operates on its own. The organization intends sharing equipments and experts
across products to achieve higher utilization rate. Design an organization structure for ‘The
New You’ and list benefits of the proposed structure. (10 Marks)
3. Joe was heading the Human Resources Department at Lifelong Insurance Pvt. Ltd. Joe was
an experienced HR professional with a track record of successfully managing Human
Resources and reducing labor attrition. He recently happened to attend a session on
employee motivation where various theories of motivation were discussed. He was highly
impressed with the simplicity of the Maslow’s Need Hierarchy theory and Herzberg’s
motivation model. He decided to implement the same at the workplace for employees of
Lifelong Insurance. He convinced the CEO of the company to incorporate the factors of
recognition, advancement, growth for employees. The CEO supported Joe and various plans
for employee recognition, advancement, etc were rolled out. The plans received a mixed
response. Some found them as a cheap substitute to salary hikes while the back-office staff
enjoyed the processes but failed to recognize its impact on work. The field executives said
that their job was already challenging and commission on insurance sales acted as a
motivator to them. After about a couple of months of implementing these programs, Joe was
highly disappointed to notice that the programs did not have the impact as desired. Joe faced
severe criticism from the top management of the company.
a. What according to you were the reasons of failure of the strategy adopted by Joe? Discuss
with reference to Maslow and Herzberg’s theories. (5 Marks)
b. To what extent do you think is money a motivator?
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Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2018 Examination
Organisational Behaviour
1. Sana and Reema joined a quick serve restaurant chain at the head office in the marketing
department. Both of them were very happy with the compensation and designation offered
to them. Since Sana and Reema joined in the same month so they bonded well together,
during one of the conversation Sana got to know that Reema was getting paid 25% more than
her. This revelation had caused a conflict between them as it had really saddened Sana which
was observable by her hostile behaviour towards Reema. Sana never missed a chance to
make Reema feel miserable. Sana Started comparing the fact that both of them had the same
qualification and work experience and still she (Sana) was getting paid less than her peer. The
situation had worsened so much that they both stopped communicating with each other. You
are the HR manager who has observed all this and now you have to come up with techniques
with the help of which this conflict can be resolved. Discuss any 4 (four) techniques of conflict
resolution and management. Also, conclude the answer by discussing how organisations can
avoid/minimise such conflicts. (10 Marks)
2. Karan and Sanjay work as Project Lead for two different teams. It has been noticed that
Karan is very helpful and empathetic towards his team and supports them in every possible
manner. The team in turn is very close knit and can really works hard to accomplish the
objectives. They also give Karan full support whenever required by going out of their way.
Whereas Sanjay just wants to get the work done by being a tight fisted man. He reprimands
his team members in front of outsiders. He only instructs his team and is never in execution
front. Sanjay's team is really petrified of him and always is under fear. Team's motivation is
very low and everyone is searching for opportunity to move out of Sanjay's team. Compare
the leadership style of Karan and Sanjay. Conclude by discussing that in a workplace which
style of leadership is better suited. (10 Marks)
3. Rajat and Suresh have got their yearly targets and both of them are working hard to
surpass each other as by the year end the one who achieves the maximum is going to be
awarded in the sales conference with a cash prize of Rs. 50000 which would be given by the
CEO of the company. They both are doing their best to win this contest for Rajat, the prime
factor is money as he has recently got married and his expenses have increased. Whereas,
Suresh comes from a very affluent family and for him getting recognized in front of PAN India
team and by the CEO is the driving force. Here, we can see that both Rajat and Suresh had
different motives.
a. Based on the above scenario discuss the different types of motives which regulate the
behaviour of individuals. (5 Marks)
b. With the help of Maslow need hierarchy theory discuss why Rajat, Suresh and even every
individual has different motive?
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