Film Production Company Sydney

A Corporate, Film & TV and Music Video
Production Company
The team at The Box Studios has been working in the production
industry for over a decade. During this time, all of our staff members
have developed unrivaled expertise in their areas of specialization. As
one of the best videos production companies, we strive to provide our
customers with high quality final products. We offer end to end
solution for Corporate Video production, Independent films, TV
commercials and Music Video Production.We are a film and TV
production company that works with clients from the very first steps
of their projects until the final steps are completed. You can turn to us
for assistance before you even have a firm concept for your video in
mind. As one of the premiere music videos production companies, we
work with both independent and major labels to create footage that
will be both memorable and exciting. No matter what your next
project is, we guarantee that we are the right film, music video, and
TV commercial production company to guide you through the entire
process. Our packages are priced to suit many budgets and you should
feel free to call us to discuss them in greater depth at any time.
About The Box Studios | Professional
Video Production Company.
We are a professional video production company based in Sydney,
Australia and Los Angeles specializing in Film, Television,
Commercials, Music Videos, Corporate Videos and Aerial
Cinematography. We are a team of professionals that have over a
decade of experience in the Film, Television and Music Industry,
and this wealth of experience is crucial for the success of any
projects we undertake.
Offering end to end solutions from concept to reality in all areas of
video production. We do not outsource work and everything is
done in-house to maintain only the highest quality of work. We
own all our equipment ranging from the most advanced film
cinema cameras such as Arri Alexa, Red Epic Dragon and the new
Red Helium Weapon to the most color accurate film lights.
* Services
Film/TV and Video Services
Corporate Video Production Services in Sydney
Music Video Production
Aerial Drone Cinematography
Contact Us
Our Offices
Tel: 0401-762-372
Los Angeles
Tel: 1-213-412-0541
Email: [email protected]
The Box Studios team of professionals have over a decade of experience in the Film,
Television and Music Industry, and this wealth of experience is crucial for the success
of any projects we undertake.We offer end to end production solutions from concept
to reality in both music and video production.We are affiliated with Major and Indie
labels both locally and Internationally and can help get your record in the right
hands.We also offer advice on marketing your record and help to get radio and
television airtime.We would be happy to discuss your next project in greater detail
and offer a range of package deals to suit your budget.Feel free to contact our team
either in our Sydney office or in our Los Angeles office to discuss your next project!
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