Dandruff…it’s one of those pesky little problems that can rip through your confidence in a snap. And the worst part – it is such a common issue that people,
irrespective of their sex or age, have to deal with it at some or the other point in their life. When you first begin to feel that itch on your scalp or see those white
flakes on your shoulders, your first reaction is to tie up your locks in a bun or cut them short, just so that you can hide the embarrassment. But think about it –
how long do you plan on continuing this course of action? How long do you plan on covering up the issue?
No…it is time to kiss dandruff goodbye and let your hair flow free by seeking effective dandruff treatment in Mumbai. Here is all you need to know about the
Dandruff – know what you are going through
From a clinical perspective, it is important to ascertain the exact type of dandruff you have so as to seek the best treatment for the same. In a broad sense,
dandruff can be categorised into two types:
Dry Dandruff: This is generally seen in the form of dry, white flakes on the scalp that may fall when you touch or shake your head. This form of dandruff
is relatively easier to treat and manage.
Oily Dandruff: This is a more serious ailment known as seborrheic dermatitis in which dandruff flakes tend to be oily which end up sticking to the scalp
and attract dirt, grime and oil. This may lead to inflammation and itching and will have to be treated using specialized means for effective relief.
Dandruff – the best treatment in Mumbai
A major part of your dandruff treatment will revolve around maintaining hygiene and cleanliness while allowing the skin on your scalp to repair the damage that
has been inflicted owing to the issue. The best treatment for dandruff, as recommended by top Mumbai clinics include the use of shampoos that contain:
Ketoconazole: this is especially prescribed for the more pesky cases of oily dandruff. It is an antifungal agent that can cleanse the scalp and reduce
infections that may arise due to a persistent dandruff condition.
Selenium Sulphide: shampoos containing Selenium sulphide are generally prescribed by doctors for curing cases where dandruff has been persistently
coming back even after repeated attempts of treating.
Salicylic acid: this component has a way of reducing oiliness by exfoliating dead skin particles from the scalp. It can reduce further occurrence of
dandruff in your hair by managing and controlling the factors that contribute towards its existence.
Zinc pyrithione: popular anti-dandruff shampoos like Head and Shoulders, Clinic Plus etc. contain this component which happens to be a powerful
antibacterial and antifungal agent that can cleanse the scalp and hair follicles to prevent dandruff from occurring.
Seeking dandruff treatment in Mumbai can be your first step towards getting the healthy, beautiful hair you always wanted. Get in touch with a professional
doctor today for more information.
About the Author:
Hair treatment Mumbai provides solutions for numerous hair diseases. Get the advance treatment for all types of hair problems by the Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr.
Rinky Kapoor. Some of the advance treatments provided for hairs disease like alopecia, cicatricial alopecia, folliculitis, hirsutism, etc.
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