How cheek implant surgery helps to balance your other facial features

How cheek implant surgery helps to balance your other facial
In socially accepted norms of beauty, the argument between placement of cheeks or chin
contributing to aesthetic beauty always results in cheeks or cheekbone placement. Lucky are few
people born with pleasing cheekbones while the ‘rest’ admire the lucky ones. No more the people
termed as the ‘rest’ need to admire the others when they can admire themselves with the latest
advancements in cheek implants. Cheek augmentation is one of the well received and widely
preferred cosmetic surgeries. Cheek implant surgeries usually depend on other facial features for a
balanced and proportionate facial structure. Here are few things that need to be known about cheek
implant surgery.
Who should consider cheek augmentation?
Anyone wishing to augment their facial beauty can consider a cheek implant surgery. But below
mentioned people are the ideal ones in need.
• Ageing people who tend to lose skin elasticity and moisture which contributes to the skin sagging
under the eyes.
• People lacking considerable soft tissue in the cheek region resulting in a bony face
• People with natural deformations in the face.
• People who have used soft tissue fillers to enhance their cheek temporarily and wish to continue
with the permanent plumper cheeks
Important requisite of cheek augmentation is that the candidate should be in good health and
should possess a healthy immune system
Cheek implant surgery procedure
Fundamental aspect of cheek implant surgery is to uplift the cheek contour and size by securing
malar, submalar and extended malar implants that give more definition and volume to the cheeks.
The cosmetic surgeon initially will analyse the cheek bone structure to identify the right shape and
size of the implants to accomplish their aesthetic goals and specifications. Surgery is done my
making a small incision in place where cheek meets the gum that is hidden inside the mouth. Then
the implants are well-positioned in the pocket and fastened to bone or soft tissue with tiny screws.
This is done to thwart the implants from unwanted movements. The surgeon will carefully make
incisions to avoid visibility of scars thereby ensuring a more natural look.
Recovery and post-surgery care – This is a very important phase in cheek implant surgery and the
surgeons will advice proper care during recovery to get the best results. Individuals undergoing
cheek augmentation would at least require 7 to 10 days to recuperate.
Mild swelling, bruising, and numbness may occur during recovery which will gradually subside in a
couple of weeks. Cheek augmentation is a permanent solution and over the period of time the
natural cheekbone tends to entangle with the implant substance providing a more natural look.
Cheek augmentation surgery is gaining immense popularity among women as it aids in providing
youthful appearance beating the odds of ageing.
Individuals with ideas of undergoing cheek implant procedure should not shy away from consulting
several cosmetic surgeons to choose the best option. It is important to choose a board-certified
cosmetic surgeon with rich expertise in performing cheek implant procedures. Individuals can even
request for before-and-after simulated images as it helps to gauge the expectations to positively
supplement their decision. It also enables the individual to understand the calibre of the cosmetic
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