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International Journal of Materials Science and Engineering
SOJ Materials Science & Engineering (SOJMSE) is an Open Access
Publication platform that highlights the latest breakthrough and
technological advancements in the field of materials & engineering
SOJMSE is a Scientific Journal that stresses on publishing PeerReviewed, original research papers, review articles, letters,
research notes and briefs of scientific achievement; that are novel
and cover a broad spectrum of topics in this field.
The scope of the journal includes the research advances in engineering
of metallic & non-metallic materials, biomaterials, nanomaterials,
polymers and composite materials.
The journal emphasizes on exploring the realm of materials science.
It prominently features publications covering the structural
composition, structure characterization (crystallography), innovative
designs, and new methods of synthesis of all organic and inorganic
materials and application of engineering technology in commercial
exploitation and industrial applications of these materials.
Access to emerging literature and to promote the knowledge transfer
among research communities.
All the articles published under the Symbiosis Open Access Journals
provide copy rights to the author providing their research high
visibility and impact.
Their articles are provided with unique Digital Object Identifier
(DOI) that allows author, readers to identify the paper with no
difficulty. Symbiosis Open Access Journals strongly condemns
plagiarism and ensures best quality content.
New Issue Released
Journal of Materials Science and Engineering
Volume 5 – Issue 2 - 2017
 Investigation of Moisture Sorption Properties of Gelatin/Poly
 A Two Parameter Fracture Mechanics Approach to Analyze Threaded
Fasteners of A High Strength Steel
 Co (II), Ni (II) and Cu (II) Complexes with Schiff Base Ligand: Syntheses,
Characterization, Antimicrobial Studies and Molecular Docking Studies
 Visualizing Metabolic Changes in Probing Human Cancer Cells and
Tissues Metabolism Using Vivo 1H or Proton NMR, 13C NMR, 15N NMR
and 31P NMR Spectroscopy and Self–Organizing Maps Under
Synchrotron Radiation
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