Air Freight Services in Dubai
SSB Star Shipping LLC’s Air Freight Forwarding Services for Import or Export Cargo provide a complete
solution for Dubai importers and exporters. Air freight services is fastest way of transportation in
Shipping industry. We have a reliable network of worldwide agents that cover every corner of the world
and allow us door to door capabilities including destination customs clearance/duties/taxes.
Air Freight Forwarding Services
Freight forwarding is a business arrangement in which a third party company arranges storage and
shipping of merchandise on behalf of its customers. Freight forwarders specialize in lowering cost and
facilitating the logistics of transportation.
Benefits of using air freight forwarding Services: 
No Contracts
Our air freight Services are best in Industry. Please visit our
website to get latest rate.
Contact Us: [email protected]
Call Us: +97142717853 or +97142367067
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