Best Water Testing Labs in Chennai

Tamilnadu Test House
Sri Sai Building, Plot No.31& 32,Lakshmi
Kanthammal Street, Rajiv Nagar,
Phone: 044-26493005
Water Testing labs in Chennai
Tamilnadu test House has a comprehensive analytical laboratory that
offers complete Water Testing services to comply with Purified Water,
Water for Irrigation, Water for Injection, Water for Inhalation, Water for
Hem dialysis and Bacteriostatic Water.
 Injection based on USP-NF (United States Pharmacopeias- National
Formulary), IP( Indian Pharmacopeia) EP (European Pharmacopeia) and
JP (Japanese Pharmacopeia) Monograph testing for all different grades of
Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
Particulate Matter
Heavy Metals
Carbonizable Substances
Pharmaceutical Testing labs in Chennai
Tamilnadu test House is the leading Pharmaceutical laboratory and we offer
a significant array of analytical testing services supporting pharmaceutical,
Food, biotechnology, nutraceutical, vitamins, cosmetics, and related
Tamilnadu test house is performed under strict compliance with GMP
requirements. We always focus to deliver reliable, information- rich methods
to meet customer requirements.
Indian Pharmacopoeia
United States Pharmacopoeia
British Pharmacopoeia
European Pharmacopoeia
Chinese Pharmacopoeia
Food Testing labs in Chennai
Tamilnadu Test House offers the best food analysis, with the highest level of
We care for citizens, about what they consume and we want our clients to rest
assured with reassurance provided by us.
Any new product or reformulating an existing one, or expanding the nutrition
label, can be executed by partnering with the client’s R&D team and quality
experts to meet business objectives.
TNTH utilizes PCR or ELISA kit technology which helps manufacturers to verify
control programs and meet customer requirements as well are compliant to
regulatory need.
Microbiology Testing labs in Chennai
Tamilnadu Test House is the food industry’s leading microbiology testing
partner. Our experts conduct food microbiology testing to help you comply
with regulatory standards of national agencies and institutions such as FSSAI,
FDA, AGMARK and international bodies such as AOAC, USFDA and ISO.
Analytical testing is very critical in monitoring-verifying- validating for food
safety and quality programs.
Validation of processes like cleaning and product changeover procedures
should embrace environmental samples (e.g. rinsing water, swab) as well as
product testing.
The presence of allergens on product contact surfaces inside the production
plant can be monitored using Swabs.
End toxins are potentially toxic compounds released from the cell wall of
Gram-negative bacteria that can be a potential health risk to humans. In large
doses, End toxins can cause shock and death in humans.
Tamilnadu test House has outlined few tests for cosmetic products, soaps &
detergent manufacturers as mentioned hereunder, for providing ingredient advice.
For more details visit us @
Biotechnology Testing Labs in Chennai
Tamilnadu Test House offers bio-potency assay service as per Indian DCGI
(CDSCO), FDA and EMA guidelines. Customized potency assays are also
developed and validated.
Soil Testing Labs in Chennai
Tamilnadu Test House
Sri Sai Building, Plot No.31& 32,Lakshmi
Kanthammal Street, Rajiv Nagar,
Phone: 044-26493005
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