International Journal of Molecular and Theoretical Physics
physics (IJMTP) is an international multidisciplinary Open Access
Journal that encourages research in the field of Molecular Physics.
IJMTP emphasizes on various innovative, experimental and
hypothetical studies related to all aspects of molecular physics. This
includes, but not limited to; from the basic study of the Many-electron
atoms, crystal structure and lattice dynamics to the most advanced
techniques like NMR, Laser and different types of spectroscopy.
Molecular physics is the outcome of merging atomic physics,
theoretical chemistry, physical chemistry and chemical physics.
The scope of the journal covers a wide range from simple atoms and
diatomic interactions to modeling of atoms and molecules using
electromagnetic waves.
This Scientific Journal gives importance to all the areas underlying the
concepts of molecular and theoretical physics. Articles in the form of
original research paper, review, mini review, rapid communication,
case report and editorial are welcome for submission with subsequent
publication after a thorough Peer-Review process.
Access to emerging literature and to promote the knowledge transfer
among research communities.
All the articles published under the Symbiosis Open Access Journals
provide copy rights to the author providing their research high
visibility and impact.
Their articles are provided with unique Digital Object Identifier
(DOI) that allows author, readers to identify the paper with no
difficulty. Symbiosis Open Access Journals strongly condemns
plagiarism and ensures best quality content.
New Issue Released
International Journal of Family Business and Management
Volume 1 – Issue 1 - 2017
 Editorial: Inaugural Issue of the International Journal of Molecular
and Theoretical Physics
 Rotational line strengths for the cyanide B2Σ - X2Σ+ (5,4) band
 On Parity in Diatomic Molecules and Application of a Rigorous
Algorithm for the Prediction of Nitric Oxide Spectra
 Understanding the nature of Metal Oxalato Complexes with Purine
Nucleobase- A Quantum Chemical approach
 In Memoriam: James O. Hornkohl
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International Journal of Molecular and Theoretical Physics