Journal of Cancer Science & Research

About Journal of Cancer Science & Research
Cancer Science & Research: Open Access (CSROA) is
an Open Access Publication that enlightens and empowers
the cancer research community by providing an insight on
breakthrough discoveries in basic and clinical cancer
This Scholarly Journal highlights ongoing research and
discovery of new therapeutic interventions for adults and
children distressed with cancer. Cancer happens to be an
ever-growing problem and the worldwide effort to
comprehend and organize research work to combat it;
involves clinicians trained in many branches of medicine
and scientists from most biological disciplines, chemistry,
pharmaceutical, bioengineering and physical sciences.
Cancer Science & Research: Open Access is an
international Peer- Reviewed Journal for original
communications, editorials, case reports and letters
encasing the etiology, pathophysiology and treatment of
CSROA not only covers conventional cancer therapy, but it
also promotes novel targeted therapeutic approaches for
cancer treatment through molecular targeting, especially
Cancer research involves understanding the functioning and
expression of oncogenes. Gene mutation or irregular
functioning of signal transduction pathways results in
uncontrolled cell division by blocking the pathways for
programmed cell death or apoptosis. Novel therapies for
cancer involve targeting these pathways for controlling tumor
growth. Monoclonal antibodies, cloned genetic sequences are
some of the newest approaches adopted in the mitigation of
Access to emerging literature and to promote the
knowledge transfer among research communities.
All the articles published under the Symbiosis Open Access
Journals provide copy rights to the author providing their
research high visibility and impact.
Their articles are provided with unique Digital Object
Identifier (DOI) that allows author, readers to identify the
paper with no difficulty. Symbiosis Open Access Journals
strongly condemns plagiarism and ensures best quality content
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