New Issue Released by Journal of Anesthesiology- Volume 4 – Issue 2 – 2017

About Journal of Anesthesiology & Pain Management
Journal of Anesthesiology & Pain Management is an Open Access
publication which aims to publish Scholarly Articles on
administration of anesthesia during surgery and pain management
associated with surgical procedures.
The scope of the Journal
It exhaustively covers a plethora of topics like anesthesiology,
preoperative care, critical & intensive care, trauma management &
emergency care and perioperative complications etc.
The aim of the Journal
It is to support and enhance the development of patient care
methodologies and boost the technology development in this field.
The journal strives to establish and maintain its readership by
featuring Scientific Articles that have been validated by an efficient
quality check through Peer-Review process.
Access to emerging literature and to promote the knowledge
transfer among research communities.
All the articles published under the Symbiosis Open Access
Journals provide copy rights to the author providing their research
high visibility and impact.
Their articles are provided with unique Digital Object Identifier
(DOI) that allows author, readers to identify the paper with no
difficulty. Symbiosis Open Access Journals strongly condemns
plagiarism and ensures best quality content.
New Issue Released
Journal of Anesthesiology & Pain Management
Volume 4 – Issue 2 - 2017
 Videolaryngoscopes: From A Vision Problem to A Communication
 An Audit of Paediatrics Admissions and Outcomes into a General
Intensive Care Unit at a Tertiary Teaching Hospital: A Five-Year
 Proposal for a Protocol for Awake Fiberoptic Intubation in Adult
with Dexmedetomidine
 Impact of Sevoflurane and Propofol Anesthesia on Quality of [18F]
FDG-PET Scan Image
 Role Of Anaesthetist In Sedation For Diagnostic Procedures: The
Glass Is Half Empty? A Narrative Review
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