Transition Wear Styles - Post Pregnancy Nursing Clothing

Transition Wear Styles - Post Pregnancy Nursing Clothing
New-mom bods are constantly in a state of transition that can oftentimes be challenging to dress. Post pregnancy
bump is to say the least, unsightly and when you have barely five minutes to get yourself ready in the morning,
clueless how you can get around the deflated basketball that has replaced your once glorious baby bump, it can be
quite disheartening. To keep yourself from feeling self-conscious when nothing in your wardrobe seems to fit like
you want them to anymore, treat yourself to a good online shopping splurge and learn how to manage your
changing body with the right clothing strategy. Here are some things you should remember when shopping for
clothes, post-pregnancy:
Your body is changing and it probably will continue transitioning for a few months after giving birth. While
sweatpants are viable go-to options for many new moms, they are not the most flattering and may make you feel
worse despite the loose comfort. Caring for and nursing a newborn can be taxing, but you don’t have to look drab doing it. In fact, experts say
that fixing yourself up and making an effort to feel beautiful and at your best will help you overcome the stresses of middle-of-the-night feeding,
wiping, and overall baby-rearing. First shopping tip you should remember is to stay away from sweatpants and similar drab-looking clothes.
Instead, shop for clothes that drape beautifully over your figure and distract from your tummy. Sweatpants and shirts have the basic
idea—loose and airy, but they fail to flatter. What you need are clothes that don’t taper at the hips and accentuate the best parts of your current
form. Some details you can look for include gathers and ruching as well as cascading fabrics that don’t cling. Some good options include shirt
dresses, tunics, tops with ruching, and empire-waist pieces.
If you must wear big clothes or billowy tops, pair them with tailored pants or leggings so you will look leaner and longer. Additionally,
don’t be afraid to accessorize. Know how to make accessories work to your favor by wearing them to create elongating illusions. Scarves are
great accessories to invest in as they can be used to add color to your slimming black tops. Longer styles that go up to the thigh even help hide
the stomach and create a longer and leaner line.
There are also nursing tanks and bras that you can purchase to make breastfeeding feel less unnatural, especially when doing so in
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