Maternity Clothes And Its Latest Trends

Maternity Clothes And Its Latest Trends
Being pregnant does not mean having to wear frumpy and loose clothing and sacrificing your personal style. You
can still look fabulous and stylish while showing off your baby bump. These days, maternity clothes are inspired by
the latest and most fashionable trends, too, so moms-to-be can still look and feel great even when they are nearing
their due date. Be sure to look up these latest trends when it comes to maternity clothes.
Button-up tops – Regular button-downs may look awkward over your growing belly, but don’t let that stop
you from wearing this classic closet staple. Head over to the men’s or women’s section in your favorite store to find
oversized button-ups and let the material loose. As your baby bump becomes more obvious, wear the button-up
without closing it over a tee.
Flared skirts – Are regular maternity skirts making you feel like a blimp? Try flared skirts instead, as they balance your proportions
especially when you are near birth. The high-waisted flared skirt will take the attention away from your belly while elongating your upper body.
Color blocking tops – It can be tricky to wear color blocked tops when you are pregnant; as the wrong style can make you look bigger
than you are. The best strategy is to ensure that the color change does not cut across your belly’s largest part. Choose a top that is longer, too,
so you can rock the look with maternity jeans or leggings.
Horizontal stripes – Yes—you can show off your growing belly with horizontal stripes. Just make sure the stripes are thin and not too
Tops with asymmetrical hemlines – Whether it is a tee or a tunic, maternity clothes with asymmetrical hemlines that are higher in the
front are always flattering.
Bright colors – Pregnancy makes you glow, and what better way to show off your natural glow than by wearing bright, feminine colors?
These cheerful hues can brighten up your mood on certain days when you’re feeling a bit down, too.
Tight dresses –Maternity clothes don’t always have to be loose-fitting. You can still wear dresses that hug your body in the right places
while letting you show your baby bump. Just make sure the fabric has a lot of stretch so you can feel comfortable all day.
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