Dresses for Special Occasions - Attend a Wedding Fashionably With Your Baby Bump

Dresses for Special Occasions - Attend a Wedding Fashionably With Your Baby Bump
The fun of socializing shouldn’t stop just because you are pregnant! While your baby bump maybe altering the way you dress on the daily, there
are many different ways you can flatter that growing bump (and hips and butt). Dressing up shouldn’t be much of a trouble if you know how to
go around your expanding figure. When you have invites piling up and nothing to wear, you could use inspirations that you can take from to look
phenomenal on the next special occasion you are dragged to. Below are some tips you can follow when dressing up for gatherings, be it a
weekend barbeque, evening party, or a wedding:
First trimester bliss – Dressing up for a night out during your first trimester is probably the easiest, since your bump is only starting to
grow and may not even be showing. Concealing your barely-there tummy shouldn’t be easy, if you are still keeping the pregnancy low key and
under wraps or if you are planning a big reveal. Clothing styles that have extra space and are airy, with no seams and stitching in the mid-section
are excellent during this time. Mid-style eyelet dresses, jumpsuits, and maxi-dresses are good to wear along with some flats or low-heels.
Second trimester show-off – Now that you are ready to flaunt your growing bump, finding nice pieces to flatter your changing body
shouldn’t be difficult. Asymmetrical dresses are good for creating a more flattering silhouette, but jumpsuits and flowy overalls still make a great
look. You can also try kimono dresses that wrap nicely and comfortably around the belly.
Third trimester home-stretch –The third trimester will most likely give you a more pronounced bump. Embrace the season with pieces
that are comfortable and at the same time stylish. Choose breathable styles, but don’t focus solely on comfort. The same maxi-dresses in
brighter more exciting shades and hues and lightweight fabrics will work just as great during this time. Free-flowing dresses are probably best to
wear and whether you want to flaunt or tone your bump down, you can opt for stretchable fabrics that hug your belly and show your figure off
or look for more flowing pieces with large patterns and details like ruffles and laces to distract from the bump.
Depending on your personal style, there are plenty of maternity clothing pieces that you can choose from to show off or keep your pregnancy
low-key. Shop for dresses in specialty stores that offer a range of styles to suit your own and pieces that you can use well after the bump is gone.
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