Greening Camps for Opencast Mining Landscapes Like in Leipzig Region Germany

Greening Camps for Opencast Mining Landscapes Like in
Leipzig Region Germany
Today we want to write about a special Greening Deserts project we started for
opencast mining landscapes. Since years we think about greening camps and
professional greenhouses for dry and barren landscapes like in opencast mines.
We started to work on or planning an extra research camp at the opencast
mine and new lakeland nearby Leipzig, Markleeberg and Zwenkau. We
informed all responsible institutions, regional, national and Europe-wide – so
far and good we could with our projects.
Opportunities, innovations and positive developments of Greening Deserts
projects are proved and documented. It is very important and urgent that the
projects get all help or support so fast as possible to reduce negative Climate
Change, Desertification and Global Warming by professional greening and
forestation. The projects are not just for climate protection, they are also good
for educational, cultural, social and scientific purposes. With the right financial
support we can finaly build up the company or project structure, build a team
and the first greening camp. Calling now again for international help.
Waiting and waiting for real active support (especially financial) over a year
now! Hope the times will change and people wake up finaly, especially the
Greening Deserts is a cultural, educational, economic, social, scientific and
sustainable agriculture project using classical greening or gardening methods
but also new and alternative techniques like hydroponics, permaculture and
vermaculture. Greening Deserts is an economical, educational, cultural, social,
scientific and sustainable project to reduce desertification and global warming.
Author: Oliver Gediminas Caplikas /
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