All you need to know about the best Trichologist in Mumbai

All you need to know about the best Trichologist in Mumbai
Healthy hair indicates an individual’s health status and it is crucial for overall well-being. Hair related problems like hair loss and pattern baldness are very
common among both men and women. Even though the hair problem is not that serious, it can certainly bring down the individual’s self-esteem and
confidence. A good Trichologist makes a real difference in the way of treating the hair problem. Here is what you need to know about the best Trichologist in
# 1 - Minoxidil – Look for famous Trichologists in Mumbai who are highly-experienced, since they are well-trained to administer a wide range of treatments and
techniques for various hair related problems. Initially, the hair fall specialist will analyse the recipient’s history and then start with topical medication. Minoxidil
is one of the most effective and safest topically applied hair loss treatment. It is a simple topical formula treatment that can be directly applied on the scalp or
patchy hair loss area which boosts the blood circulation and works by extending the growth phase of hair cycle. It is important that the recipients keep using the
medicated solution for at least 3 to 4 months to maintain the effect, if not the scalp will return back to previous hair loss condition.
# 2 - Stem cell therapy- In case the topical medication does not show improvements in the recipient’s condition, then the good Trichologist in Mumbai will move
on to stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy is one of the non-invasive therapies that aids in nurturing and revitalizing hair follicles. Stem cell therapy is gaining
popularity among the recipients as it is another risk-free treatment, because the stem cells are derived from the recipient’s own body. The microinjected stem
cells are enriched with growth factors that stimulate the hair follicles and helps in making the scalp stronger to generate new hair at a rapid rate.
# 3 - QR678 – A famous Trichologist in Mumbai will abreast all cutting-edge techniques in order to perform a super specialized treatment like QR678. QR678 is
an innovative hair restoration therapy that impedes and reverses the hair loss condition. The QR678 growth factor injection comprises of proteins and natural
material that boosts the hair follicles to generate healthy hair. The injected growth factor acts as an induction signal for stimulating the hair growth cycle and it
also helps for a complete development of new and strong hair follicles.
Mumbai, being one of the most advanced cities in India, makes it easy to find expert Trichologists in the city. These above mentioned treatments are safe and
reliable but the recipients have to look for board-certified doctors, who guarantee to deliver world-class treatment. However, the best Trichologist in Mumbai is
not only an expert in performing the wide range of treatments but also prioritizes the recipient’s safety.
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Hair treatment Mumbai provides solutions for numerous hair diseases. Get the advance treatment for all types of hair problems by the Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr.
Rinky Kapoor. Some of the advance treatments provided for hairs disease like alopecia, cicatricial alopecia, folliculitis, hirsutism, etc.
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