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Joint all phase wire/ cable with the help of
crimping tools and lugs
Step – 1
Separation Sheet
Fixed the separation sheet between all wires/
Step – 2
Gel / Silicon
Close the filled Silicon enclosure from top and
bottom , complete installation is done.
Step – 3
Features :
Provides cable with cable connections and jointing wires in switchboard / electric boxes Being a jelly it can be
easily fit into molds of any shape and size.
Helps in safeguarding electrical connections and also protects electrical connection joints from catching fire, sparking
and leakage current.
Eradicates all the possibilities of fire, electric shocks and sparks, etc. causes due to improper electrical connection
joints and safeguards structure, equipment and person.
Offers safety to your electrical joints from ageing, corrosion, moisture and also observes leakage current.
Advantages :
Highly reliable operation
Maintenance Free
Cost Effective
High repeat value
Shape retention
Call Safety Manager for Earthing and
Protection JMV LPS LTD
Mahesh Chandra Manav M-9901938999
[email protected]
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