Latest Trends & Innovations in Rhinoplasty in Mumbai

Latest Trends & Innovations in Rhinoplasty in Mumbai
Rhinoplasty surgery in India has till recently been considered as a procedure embraced only by top celebrities for enhanced looks. Perceptions
have changed, and nose surgery in Mumbai has become popular among all walks of life, offering permanent solutions for individuals challenged
by nasal deformities. Mumbai is home to the best rhinoplasty surgeon in India, credited with performing surgeries that have not been
attempted in the past. If you are looking for rhinoplasty in Mumbai you can rest assured that relying on the top surgeon will help you see the
best results, functionally and aesthetically.
Rhinoplasty: Evolving Through the Years
American eugenics movements and world wars along with accidents in industries and congenital birth defects spurred rhinoplasty abroad. From
the first modern cosmetic nose job in 1923 to the latest procedures today, rhinoplasty has evolved to levels that were unimaginable earlier.
Individuals undergoing nose surgery in Mumbai today are willing to take the leap to ful-fill their dreams of looking their very best. And success in
rhinoplasty procedures have been very encouraging, to say the least.
Drill down to procedures
Rhinoplasty procedures involve trimming of the nasal cartilage for a refine look that is pleasing, without affecting the functionality. Certain cases
also involve straightening of the septum, which may be necessitated due to congenital defects or trauma. Rhinoplasty predominantly involves
simple procedures to correct appearance and minor malformations, while a small percentage involve complex procedures. The use of rib
cartilage in India for the first time drew appreciation and recognition from all quarters for the innovation and success of procedure that gave a
young man the ability to use his nose for the first time for breathing. Molding has emerged as a hot favourite with many individuals seeking to
enhance their appearance as noses are very distinctive features in the face. The cosmetic changes attempted as a result of surgery, need to look
appealing. Reconstructive nasal procedures, as it is also known, accounts for a large number of procedures in India, mainly due to the success
and the generally simple procedures involved in rhinoplasty.
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