An Overview of Best Treatment For Melasma

An Overview Of Best Treatment For Melasma
Conditions most commonly observed and treated by skin specialists include face skin pigmentation treatment or treatment for melasma. The
world is largely image conscious across all activities, making treatment of melasma on the face important. Hyperpigmentation has the ability to
create flawed appearance in any part of the body, including the face. The three different types of melasma associated with the skin are:
Centrofacialmelasma: This appears on the chin, upper lip, forehead, and cheeks
Malar melasma: This only manifests in the cheeks and the chin
Ramus melasma: This is when the hyper-pigmentation occurs in the lower cheeks or mandible
Different types of melasma are epidermal, dermal as well as mixed. The first of the three is the easiest to treat. The best face skin pigmentation
treatment takes multiple etiological factors into account such as hormone levels, genetics, melanin levels due to sun exposure etc. For some
patients, the most suitable treatment for melasma on the face involves cessation of HRT and rebalancing of hormones.
This kind of treatment is generally the best treatment for melasma when it is transient. However, when melasma is persistent, there are multiple
mechanisms which a top skin doctor can use to deliver positive treatment outcomes. Hydroquinone, for example, can be administered in natural
form to undo irritation or skin inflammation. Arbutin found in blueberries, pears, bearberries and wheat also is known to reduce the action of
melanin which causes melasma. Kojic acid and retinoid such as vitamin A, lactic acid, vitamin C and liquorice are all essential components of
treatment for melisma through natural means.
Antioxidants, sun screens and lasers
Patients experiencing chronic melasma can rely on antixoidant rich medications to reduce hyperpigmentation. Broad spectrum sunscreens with
sun protection factor of 30 or more is a necessity for individuals with melisma as the skin is more responsive to UV rays when patients suffer
from this condition. Gentle, blended chemical peels can also fight melanogenesis. Corrective topical medications are prescribed as part of the
holistic treatment. One of the most successful methods of treatment has been lasers. Considered as one of the most safest, lasers offer better
regeneration of tissue post treatment. The lasers shatter the pigments, which are then washed away through regular metabolism.
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