Acne Treatment in Mumbai - Take Control and Get Relief Naturally

Acne Treatment in Mumbai - Take Control and Get Relief Naturally
Acne has been the scourge of many who have found it hard to lead a normal life with the little eruptions causing serious embarrassment and
discomfort. Dermatological procedures have advanced to a level where it is possible to deal with the problem in a manner that fetches better
results. Laser treatment for acne scars are part of some of the more successful procedures for acne treatment in Mumbai. This is a huge relief for
many who had no other option but to rely on treatment that produced results that were far from desirable. Here is a good look at some of the
options for acne treatment in Mumbai.
Topical applications
The appearance of white heads and black heads which are symptomatic of acne or other skin lesions with or without inflammation is generally
countered with topical application of retinoid and benzoyl peroxide. The little red bumps on the skin can sometimes feature pus containing
lesions and patients will also experience pain and tenderness in the affected area. Topical applications have been used in the past and are also
currently recommended for patients where the condition does not require serious or urgent intervention.
Treatment of residual scars
Acne is known to leave residual scars after treatment to contain or manage the lesions. Laser treatment for acne scars form part of the many
dermatological options that are available for tackling the residual scars. Microdermabrasion, a procedure which involves the removal of a fine
layer of the target area is used to reduce the effects of residual scars left behind by acne. Also known as skin polishing, this is an advanced
procedure that needs to be handled with expertise for best results.
Chemical peels
Similar in nature of action, the chemical peel, as the name suggests, involves the use of chemicals to peel off the superficial layer to reveal the
smooth skin beneath. Chemical peels are of various types including TCA, Jessner’s, Glycolic, Salicylic, Retinoid, green peel, Arginine peel, Blue
peel and Combination peel. The advantage of peels is that collagen is stimulated to grow, and this stimulation results in the growth of fresh
collagen which results in smooth texture.
Laser treatment for acne scars
This is one of the more advanced forms of treatment, involving lasers for scar removal and reduction. The CO2 fractional lasers and erbium
lasers in use in some of the most reputed clinics in Mumbai offer skin resurfacing techniques to remove the ugly scars that affect the faces of
individuals affected with acne. One of the advantages of laser skin resurfacing is the fact that the lasers penetrate deep into the skin and rid the
skin of flaws across layers. This is a lot different from other procedures that only offer intervention at the upper layers.
It is important to choose the services of a renowned, reputed and reliable dermatologist for treating acne scars. Proper diagnosis, and expert
treatment form part of the holistic approach adopted by some of the more popular and successful specialists.
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