How-to-Get-Your-Product-Through-the-CE Marking-Approval

How to Get Your Product Through the
CE Marking Approval
CE Mark is a European marketing favicon used in European Market. The meaning of the
letters "CE" are the concise from of the phrase “Conformité Européene” which means
"European Conformity". The term "CE Marking" initially Directive by 93/68/EEC in 1993.
This CE Marking is limited to the European Market. CE mark is a requisite conformity
marking for products to sold within the European Marketing Area (EEA) since from 1985
.The CE marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA that are manufactured
in, or designed to be sold in, the EEA.
what is CE certification?
CE mark is an European standard product
marking that indicates conformation of the
environmental safeguard standards for the
that has to be sold in the
European Economic Area (EEA).This CE
marking are available on the product that
are sold out of the EEA so that it will
increase the reorganization of the CE
marking all over the world.
For any queries you can refer some
consultancies agencies.
How it is Benefits for Your Business
1. Makes your product can be legally sold in the European Union and the European Free
Trade area(EFTA).
2. Enables and Ensures that the product can Transported or sold freely through out the
European Single Market
3. Indicates to the customers that the product is meets some minimal safety standards.
4. It also helps you to sell your product recognized in the International European Market.
5. It will Reduce the Marketing and also the investment
How To get the CE Marking ?
1. Identify the Requirement of the European market for the product
Medical Products
Personal Productive Equipment
Electronic Equipment
Toys etc.
2. Compare your products with European Market Requirement
Make sure your product belongs to market requirement category and then get assured
that your product meets all the legal requirements of the market
3. Try to check whether your product must be tested by a notified Body
For some product like electrical products and Machinery we need some conformity for
standard bodies. So depending on your product you should get confirmation
4. Test your Product
If your product does not need to be verified by any particular standard bodies then you
should check whether your product meets the with technical requirement.
5. Conduct and Compile the Technical dossiers
The technical test you conduct for your product must include all the product and the
documents that prove that your product compiles with in the technical requirement.
6. Affix the CE marking and draft a declaration of conformity
At last you can affix the CE marking and the marking must be visible ,eligible and legal
along with the full documentation or else you find any difficulty in any of the steps you can
consult some certification consultancy for the inquiries.
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