Best Human Hair Extension Chennai

Subbu Hair Enterprises
Gate No.4, 13A/15A,
Film Director Colony, Kodambakkam,
Tamilnadu - 600024.
Phone: +91 9840 367 608.
Our Products
Subbu Hair Enterprises has understood the demand for different types of hair
by people belonging to various countries and different cultures and has been
catering to them with maximum quality achievable.
 Indian Temple Hair
Blonde Hair
 Indian Human Hair
 White Hair
 Weft Hair
 Natural Grey Hair
 Remy Single Drawn Hair
 Frontal & Closure
Indian Temple Hair
 Indian temple hair is a no blinder.
This sourced from temple where
individuals dedicate them, along
these lines, a pure that is, virgin hair
that is being non treated with
chemicals or blanched or under some
other artificial procedure to make it
 It is completely shines naturally
through, thus it has long lasting effect
and will not get damaged even after
many washes..
Indian Human Hair
 Indian Human Hair available here is
specially refined to resist tangling, color
fading, and shedding.
 This type is specially prepared to
withstand different international styling
and treatments thus to cater international
 Natural Indian Human Hair
Weft Hair
 Weft hair that is longer segments of
hair adjusted and tied at the top
either by machine or by hand is
additionally called as weaves.
 Remy Single Weft Hair
 Remy Double Weft Hair
 Machine Weft Curly Hair
 Machine Weft Straight Hair
 Machine Weft Weavy Hair
Remy Single Drawn Hair
 Remy Single Drawn Hair is made
from virgin and drawn to provide
hair extension that has a single or
bundles of pony tails as a source of
the hair from which the hair is
 Remy Single Drawn Straight Hair
 Remy Single Drawn Curly Hair
 Remy Single Drawn Wavy Hair
Blonde Hair
 The demand for blonde hair is
constantly expanding into the global
market from Indian hide industry.
This preparation from Indian hair is
appropriate for anyone who needs a
natural shiny finish
 Blonde weft hair
 Single Drawn Blonde Hair
White Hair
 Subbu Hair Enterprises provides
White Hair and Silky White Hairs that
are prepared using natural human hair
in compliance with international
standards and norms.
 As required, clients can order for
various lengths. We export White Hair
from Chennai to all over the world.
 Natural White Hair
 Blonde White Hair
Natural Grey Hair
 Similar to black and blonde types,
natural grey hair type has its own
quality and sheen as well as demand
from customers across the globe.
 This type gives more natural appeal.
Our product has shiny texture, strong
roots, dirt-free and is made available
in different styles and sizes as per
client requirements.
 Natural Grey bulk Hair
 Machine Weft
Frontal & Closure
Subbu Hair Enterprises
Gate No.4, 13A/15A,
Film Director Colony, Kodambakkam,
Tamilnadu - 600024.
Phone: +91 9840 367 608
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