Ten Ways To Spot A Cannabis Connoisseur

Ten Ways To Spot A Cannabis Connoisseur
Cannabis has grown up. Gone are the days that weed was linked only to stoner culture, tiedye, and hippies. With widespread legalization (and more medical research than ever
before), the profile of marijuana users is changing. Where the mere use of cannabis used to
be something kept secret and whispered about in hushed tones -- now you can’t get people
to shut up about how amazing their organically fertilized, pesticide fee, sustainably grown,
lab tested flower – and we LOVE it! Smokers are now more than ever focused on the quality
of their buds -- taking pride in a good “stash” in the same way one may pull out a fine single
malt scotch or a Cuban cigar.
But how do you tell the difference between the modern smoker and smokers of
1. They rarely Say “Weed”
Cannabis is the word de’juretheses days, and there are lots of reasons why. Besides being the internationally accepted term for the
plant, marijuana and weed both have some negative connotations that some connoisseurs don’t appreciate. More insight:
2. They don’t store in a shoebox
This one is easy –If you keep your liquor in your bar, your cigars in your humidor, and your wine in a wine fridge -- then why the
heck would you keep your high quality cannabis in a shoebox under your bed?! Besides, cannabis is susceptible to degrading in
shoebox storage. Cannabis storage cases like Apothecarry (https://www.theapothecarrycase.com/products/the-apothecarry-case4-strain) are on the rise, because sleek and sexy is where its at!
3. The keep their plant in humidity
Connoisseurs remember that first and foremost cannabis is a plant -- and as such needs to be kept in a humidity-controlled
environment. When its not your top shelf herb can turn moldy surprisingly quickly. Or, it can dry out, causing the tricomes to fall off
– which diminishes the medical benefits & quality of your smoking experience (coughing fit, anyone?). They use humidors,
containers and storage boxes to keep their weed – oops! we mean, their cannabis – fresh!
4. They have the newest tech tools
Pax Era? Firefly? Volcano? Ardent Decarboxylator? Connoisseurs have more
options than ever hese days and they tend to be on the front lines of trying out the
latest and greatest tools of the trade.
5. They grow their own flower
This isn’t everyone – but more than ever enthusiast are taking control and planting
their own crops. And with companies like Seedo and Leaf selling automated grow
boxes that take out all the guess work, we think this is a trend we will likely see
grow. Pun intended.
6. They know their stuff
And not just the difference between a sativa and an indica. We are talking about
everything from tricomes to the subtly of the terpenes in specific strains – which all
effect your smoking experience. Study up here!
7. They only smoke lab tested.
With more legalization comes more testing, and that’s a great thing for connoisseurs – who like to be sure they aren’t smoking
pesticides or vaping harsh chemicals. Knowledge is power!
8. They are over stigma.
The days of shame about smoking are long behind us now. True connoisseurs are well aware of the medical benefits of the plant
(Charlottes Web anyone?!?!). If wine and cigarettes don’t garner dirty looks, then a plant should be the least of anyone’s worries!
9. They are brand conscience.
Now that there are more brands than ever operating in the space, connoisseurs are becoming brand loyal to the companies that are
consistently delivering the goods – whether that means a love of Hepburn pre-rolls, Defonce chocolates, or the classic Apothecarry
case to keep them all locked up in!
10. They look just like you
Smokers are no longer thought to be crazy college kids at toga parties. They are
everyone from the attorneys who tokes after their high powered workday, to the
“stiletto stoners” who are hosting ladies night, to the seniors using medication
for health benefits and everyone in between who demands the best in all things.
The modern smoker is part of the millions of men and women across the country
(and the world) take pride in working hard, raising families, and enjoying medical
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