Rowan Hearing Support Centre at Southfields Academy

Supporting your child, supporting you
We understand that being a parent of a deaf child carries an enormous sense of
responsibility. Choosing the right secondary school is very important and moving on
may seem quite daunting for you both.
We believe that to support your child in achieving their potential we need to work in
close partnership with you.
Parents at the HSC are a priority and we provide:
 Opportunities for parents to develop partnerships with us through regular contact
 Parent master classes to support understanding of the secondary school
curriculum and choices on leaving school
 Opportunities for parents to meet each other
 Clear information on how families can support their child at home to achieve their
learning goals
 An “open door” approach where parents are welcome anytime
Rowan Hearing Support Centre
At Southfields Academy
A highly specialist secondary educational centre for deaf young
people located at Southfields Academy
What do others say about us?
“First Class support in my lessons. Training was helpful and relevant.” Mainstream
Teacher 2014
“Hearing impaired students make exceptional progress because they receive excellent
care and support.” Ofsted 2013
“Could not ask of any better service than that provided by this hearing impaired unit.
Fantastic.” Parent 2012
Contact Us
Telephone: 020 8874 0585
Teacher in charge Elaine Elliott
Email: [email protected]
The Rowan Centre
Southfields Academy
333 Merton Road
SW18 5JU
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Providing deaf young people with a gateway to a successful adult
The right choice for you and your child
Meet the Team
The Rowan Hearing Support Centre (HSC) is a friendly, vibrant, achievement
focused environment where expectations are high and where students excel.
At Southfields Hearing Support Centre, we recognise that deaf children and their
families have very individual needs. We base our support on an in depth
understanding of each student’s needs and abilities and use this to devise a
personalised and well-resourced programme. We are confident that as a most
highly regarded and well established provision with outstanding accommodation
and resources, we can provide each student who comes to us with a launch pad to
lifelong success and self-confidence.
Your child will be taught and supported by our team of dedicated, highly skilled
and very experienced specialist secondary teachers of the deaf and teaching assistants.
Our Speech and Language Therapist is based in the Centre for two days a week,
providing individual and small group therapy in partnership with teaching staff and
parents. Your child will also have access to an Educational Audiologist and teachers of
the deaf who provide the habilitation for children on a London NHS Cochlear Implant
The wider team includes our Educational Psychologist and Connexions Advisor.
Personalised learning
Your child will follow a personalised curriculum delivered and supported by
specialist teachers of the deaf and teaching assistants. This includes:
 an Individual Learning Programme with short term targets identified through in
-depth assessments, observations, learning priorities and discussions with
teaching staff, your child and yourself.
weekly individual and small group speech and language therapy
an individual literacy programme to develop reading and writing skills
individual listening and language therapy
a Personalised Audiological Awareness Programme (PAA)
subject support from teachers of the deaf either in mainstream classes or in the
keeping Deaf Children Safe Programme incorporated into the PSHE curriculum
delivered in the Centre
A wealth of opportunities
Students in the HSC take part in a vibrant extra curricular
Programme organised by the Hearing Support Service and sometimes alongside other
deaf students from across the Borough. They regularly meet together to develop their
skills, confidence, make new friends and enjoy themselves.
 Exciting masterclasses to unleash your child’s gifts and talent - e.g Maths, Drama &
Rock Climbing
 Sporting competitions representing the Borough- e.g The London Youth Games
 Parents’ support groups
 Parents’ Education Programme - e.g E-safety & Supporting your child at secondary
 Holiday activities with other families - e.g Calvert Trust
 Residential trips to extend learning - e.g PGL Activity Holidays & Ski Trip in Italy
 A library of information and resources on all aspects of deafness
Outstanding facilities and resources
Our Successes
Southfields Academy was one of two Wandsworth schools chosen as a
government funded Building Schools for the Future programme. There is a high
emphasis on the use of technology to support learning, develop skills and support
communication and independence.
In recent years, our students have achieved huge successes which include:
 each room is acoustically treated to the highest specification
 information technology is state of the art and includes touch screen computers,
iPads, video cameras, PSPs, netbooks and interactive touch screen boards in
teaching rooms
 audiological equipment is also the most up to date with personal FM systems
available for all and maintained to an optimum level with available spares.
 University places to read Law, Broadcast Media Technology and Business Computing
 College placements to study Interactive Media, Childcare, Car Maintenance and
Sports Leadership
 Winner of Wandsworth Young Person of the Year award for Outstanding
 Representing Wandsworth at sporting competitions including football and cricket
 Representing Wandsworth at the London Youth Games and were overall winners
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