Finding SBI Clerk Previous Papers Online

Finding SBI Clerk Previous Papers Online
SBI clerk jobs are considered as one of the best professions to have in India. Offering great job
security and remuneration, the positions are much coveted, with exams filtering out candidates
for the hundreds of posts that fall vacant periodically. Preparation is the key to success in
competitive exams and when it comes to a question of preparing for the future, it is important
that no stones are left unturned. Question banks and question papers of past exams are a great
way of understanding the pattern of questions and in honing preparations. Here are a few quick
tips on finding the previous papers online.
Strong plans for preparation and written tests
The recruitment for SBI Clerks is through a two-stage process that involves written exams and
interviews. The written exams need to be tackled through proper planning which includes poring
over previous exam question papers. Choose a website that is respected among job aspirants
for offering neatly compiled and genuine question banks and papers. It is important to
understand that differentiating between a genuine question paper and a mishmash of questions
from various exams may be difficult. Therefore, choose a site that has a solid reputation of
offering genuine question papers.
Patterns in written examination
Questions for SBI clerk examinations written test are of objective type. The entire question
paper comprises of quantitative aptitude, general awareness, reasoning ability, general English
and marketing aptitude. As there are negative marking provisions the examination preparations
need to be focused and intensive. It is therefore necessary that previous exams papers are
studiously followed to understand the type of questions and the methods to seek solutions.
Complement preparations with papers on banking awareness
It is important to ensure that preparations are complemented with adequate knowledge of
banking. This will help aspirants to sail through other stages of the exam. Comprehensive
knowledge of banking helps in preparing better. This preparation will help in the overall
attempts to clear exams and also help individuals to look at related options should the need
arise or if alternative options appear better.
Portals that offer aptitude tests
Choose portals that also aptitude tests online. These practice aptitude tests are a wonderful way
to shore up your knowledge and preparation for the exams. Practice always makes individuals
perfect and it is important to practice till perfection is achieved. Practice for exams should
always be under an atmosphere that is similar to exams, with timed tests and options. Such
practice will also help aspirants to understand the pressures of timed exams.
Choose websites that offer additional resources for preparations for exams. For instance,
tutorials that include videos, and audio sessions can help aspirants have a better shot at the
exams. It is important to be thoroughly prepared and avail of the limited number of chances
that such competitive exams offer. In fact, the best approach is to make the cut in the first
approach. Landing employment in the SBI as a Clerk will ensure a lifetime of job security and
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