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In narrative texts the children will cover a range of
plays and scripts linked to adventure and mystery.
They will have the opportunity to plan, write and edit
their own stories. Poetry work includes reading and
writing a range of poems, including calligrams and
shape poetry. Children will also complete a range of
reading and writing tasks linked to their work on
Japan. Regular phonics sessions will consolidate
work covered in Key Stage 1 and will begin
to look at more complex spelling
patterns and their application.
The children will continue to develop their
understanding of place value and partition three digit
numbers into multiples of 100, 10 and 1. They will
derive and recall all addition and subtraction facts for
each number to 20 and look at pairs of number which
total 100. Children will be encouraged to add and
subtract mentally combinations of one and two digit
numbers. They will use Venn and Carroll
diagrams to sort data or objects using one
or more criterion.