Computer Science

What can I do With a Major in . . .?
What Can I do with a
Major in Computer Science?
Computer Science is a discipline that focuses on the understanding and design of computers as
well as the computational processes. It is an artificial science that revolves around the study of
algorithmic processes, which can be further broken down into the theory, design, efficiency,
implementation, and application of these processes. A central focus is on the processes for
handling and manipulating information.
With the current pace of technological
in Computer Science are in high demand.
employed in areas of business, data
telecommunications, computer
companies, laboratories, universities, and
developments, graduates
Computer Scientists are
manufacturers, software
Careers in Computer Science
The occupations noted below may be directly or indirectly related to Computer Science. Some of
these careers may require additional education beyond a Bachelor’s degree.
Account Manager
Advertising Account Executive
Aerospace Engineer
Analyst Programmer
Analyst Programmer Consultant
Applications Analyst
Applications Developer
Applications Engineer
Applications Programmer
Applications Software Developer
Applications Writer
Applied Science Technologist
Artificial Intelligence Developer
Artificial Intelligence Specialist
Assistant Analyst
Associate Applications Developer
Associate Software Engineer
Associate Systems Analyst
Automated Systems Designer
Banking Manager
Binary Code Specialist
Biomedical Engineer
Business Analyst
CAD/CAM Designer
CAD Graphic Artist
CD ROM Producer
Chief Information Officer
Chip Designer
College Professor
Commodity Manager
Communications Control Technician
What can I do With a Major in . . .?
Communications Specialist
Compensation Administrator
Computer Analyst
Computer Animator
Computer Applications Engineer
Computer-Aided Designer
Computer Assisted Instruction Curriculum
Computer Chip Designer
Computer Consultant
Computer Education Specialist
Computer Engineer
Computer Facilities Manager
Computer Game Programmer
Computer Graphics Engineer
Computer Hardware Designer
Computer Help Desk Technician
Computer Installation & Test Specialist
Computer Marketer
Computer Mechanic
Computer Operator
Computer Programmer
Computer Repair Specialist
Computer Scientist
Computer Security Consultant
Computer Security Specialist
Computer Service Engineer
Computer Service Technician
Computer Software Engineer
Computer Support Specialist
Computer Systems Manager
Computer Teacher
Corporate Security Specialist
Customer Engineer
Customer Support Specialist
Cyber Journalist
Data Administrator
Data Communications Analyst
Data Communications Programmer
Data Communications Specialist
Data Control Administrator
Data Control Manager
Data Entry Equipment Operator
Data Entry Manager
Data Miner
Data Processor
Data Processing Director
Data Processing Installer
Data Processing Manager
Data Retrieval Specialist
Database Administrator
Database Analyst
Database Manager
Database Specialist
Deployment Specialist
Design Engineer
Desktop Publisher
Digital Graphic
Digital Systems Analyst Director
Documentation Specialist
E-Commerce Consultant
EDP Auditor
EDP Manager
EDP Systems Analyst
EDP Systems Sales Representative
What can I do With a Major in . . .?
Electrical Spectrographic Analysis Engineer
Electronic Data Processing Auditor
Electronic Data Processing Trainer
Electronics Engineer
Employee Relations Specialist
Encryption Specialist
Engineering Lab Technician
Environmental Technologist
Ergonomics Program Designer
Expert Systems Designer
External Auditor
Field Systems Technician
Firmware Engineer
Foundation Information Analyst
Genetic Engineer
Graphics Programmer
GUI Designer
Hardware Engineer
Health Information Database Designer
High Tech Head Hunter
HTML Script Writer
HTML Specialist
Hydro Geologist
Industrial/Institutional Buyer
Industrial Transportation Specialist
Information Specialist
Information Systems Analyst
Information Systems Auditor
Information Systems Programmer
Information Technologies (IT) Analyst
Information Technologies (IT) Developer
Information Technologies (IT)
Information Technologies (IT) Support
Information Technologies (IT) Programmer
Information Technologies (IT) Project
Integrated Library Software Designer
Intellectual Properties Lawyer
Interactive Media Associate
Internet Artist
Internet Consultant
Internet Designer
Internet Instructor
Internet Instructional Designer
Internet Service Provider
Internet Specialist
Inventory Control Specialist
Investment Banker
ISO 2000 Specialist
JavaScript Developer
JavaScript Specialist
LAN Administrator
LAN Analyst
LAN Specialist
MAC Operator
Magazine Designer
Manufacturing Engineer
Maintenance Programmer
Market Research Analyst
Microchip Designer
Network Administrator
Network Designer
Network Operations Specialist
Network Programmer
Network Support Administrator
New Product Instructor
What can I do With a Major in . . .?
Numerical Analyst
ON-Line Researcher
Operations Research Analyst
Operations Research Specialist
Operating Systems Programmer
Pollution Meteorologist
Process Control Programmer
Product Evaluator
Product Support Specialist
Production Engineer
Production Manager
Production Support Specialist
Programmer Trainee
Project Technician
Public Health Service Computer Specialist
Public Health Statistician
Quality Assurance Analyst
Quality Control Engineer
Rate Analyst
Real Time Embedded Software Engineer
Research Analyst
Research Assistant
Research and Development Laboratory
Research Scientist
Risk analyst
Robotics Programmer
Robotics Technician
Sales Engineer
Satellite Communications Specialist
Scientific Applications Programmer
Search Engine Specialist
Senior Applications Planner
Service Engineer
Software Analyst
Software Buyer
Software Developer
Software Development Specialist
Software Engineer
Software Integration Engineer
Software Package Developer
Software Package Marketer
Software Programmer
Software Sales Representative
Software Support Specialist
Strategic Analyst
Support engineer
Survey Statistician
Systems Administrator
Systems Analyst
Systems Consultant
Systems Developer
Systems Engineer
Systems Manager
Systems Operation Specialist
Systems Programmer
Systems Software Developer
Technical Business Analyst
Technical Director
Technical Information Specialist
Technical Journalist
Technical Librarian
Technical Recruiter
Technical Sales Representative
Technical Services Director
Technical Site Manager
Technical Specialist
Technical Support Analyst
Technical Support Engineer
Technical Support Representative
Technical Support Specialist
Technical Team Leader
Technical Writer
Telecommunications Manager
Telecommunications Specialist
Trainee Programmer
Trainee Systems Developer
Training Instructor
Training Specialist
Transportation Planner
Treasury Management Consultant
Verification engineer
What can I do With a Major in . . .?
Verification Engineer
Viral Specialist
Web Designer
Web Developer
Web Page Designer
Web Site Analyst
Web Site Engineer
Web Site Programmer
Weight Analyst
Word Processor
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