SwivelMount™ Universal Speaker Wall Mounting Bracket

SwivelMount™ Universal Speaker Wall Mounting Bracket
SM-010 Installation Instructions
Installation Preparation:
The SwivelMount™ bracket mounts most speakers and other objects weighing up to a maximum of 10 lbs. to walls and ceilings and
provides a swivel option for better aiming . Read these instructions carefully before installing and check that you have all of the following
2 pcs.
4 pcs.
4 pcs.
Swivel Mount bracket
Screw, M5x8, Silver
Machine screw - 1/4-20 x 1/2" long
4 pcs.
1 pcs
Star washer, 1/4" diameter
Instruction Sheet
Step 1. Fastening to Wall
Decide on the mounting location. Be sure there is adequate structural material
for mounting, such as a stud. Do not rely on drywall, acoustic tiles, etc. to support
the weight of the speaker. Use the SwivelMount™ as a template to mark the center
of the four keyholes. Select a #10 or 3/16" diameter fastener that fits through the
keyhole (consult a hardware specialist for the proper fastening method). Loosely
install the fasteners so the SwivelMount™ can be attached to the wall later.
Step 2. Mounting Speaker to Bracket
Place the curved slots of the SwivelMount™ over the speaker's mounting holes in
the base of the speaker. If screws are supplied with the speaker, use them to attach
the speaker through the curved slots of the SwivelMount™. If not, use the 1/4-20 x
1/2" screws (domestic speakers) or M5x8 metric screws (imported speakers)
included. If these are not the proper hardware for your speaker, consult a hardware
specialist for the proper fastener (See Figure 2).
Step 3. Mounting holes in speaker not provided:
Figure 1: Assembly View
Check with the speaker manufacturer for proper mounting instructions.
Figure 1: Assembly View
Step 4. Attaching the Swivel Mount ™ to the Wall:
Place the Swivel Mount's keyholes over the fasteners in the wall. Be sure the
fasteners lock into the neck of the keyhole then secure but do not over tighten.
Swivel the speaker to the optimum angle and tighten all screws securely,
( See Figure 2).
Step 5. Recommendation: Install Safety Cable
Attach a safety cable (sold separately) to the mounting surface then attach the other
end of the safety cable to the speaker. If no attachment is provided on speaker,
consult speaker manufacturer for advice on best attachment point and method.
Important Note:
Do not exceed the weight load of ten Pounds ( 10 lbs ).
Anchor the Swivel Mount into a solid structural material such as a wall stud.
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Figure 2: Lower View
Swivel speaker into position
then fully Tigthen screws to
secure speaker