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Leading manufacturer of sensors including force balance inertial-grade
accelerometers & inclinometers, piezoelectric accelerometers, vibration /
temperature transmitter, dynamic pressure sensors, strain gage aircraft
mainframe fatigue sensors, precision LVDT, signal conditioners and fiber
optic sensors. We serve Aerospace, Military and Industrial markets.
CooliSys provides a broad range of AC-DC and DC-DC switching power
supplies for use in Industrial, Medical, Telecom and Military applications
based on advanced design with field-proven reliability and international safety
Crystal Instruments (CI) is a leading manufacturer of dynamic measurement,
signal analysis, and vibration testing equipment. The pioneering product line
ranges from the infinitely scalable Spider-80X vibration controller and dynamic
signal analyzer to the hand-held, Wi-Fi enabled Spider-20 dynamic signal
analyzer. The Spider-80X excels in industries that demand accurate real-time
signal processing, such as automotive, aviation, aerospace and electronics. The
Spider-20 is perfectly suited to monitor engine and driveline vibration on a
remote screen during road tests. CI products are distributed in over 40 countries
around the world.
DaqScribe’s innovative high-speed Digital Data Recorder product line along
with High Performance Signal Conditioning front ends. By Integrating these
key elements with a powerful software package, the resulting systems offer
turnkey solutions for virtually any type of application.
We design, manufacture, and market a full line of highly efficient, high density
power system solutions for the Industrial, Medical, Telecom, and Military
markets. We can rapidly modify standard products to meet the needs of our
customers that require non-standard output voltages. For customers with unique
and demanding specifications, Digital Power creates high-grade, fully custom
power solutions.
A broad range of standard measurement microphones, preamplifiers and power
modules, all designed and manufactured in accordance with international
standards. Array microphones, environmental & outdoor microphones, sound
intensity microphones, KEMAR Manikin, artificial ears, couplers, ear & mouth
simulators, pistonphones, calibration equipment, microphone and preamplifier
cables and accessories.
OSI manufactures transducers for electrical power measurements. AC-DC
Volts, Amps, Watts, Vars, Power Factor, Watthours, Signal Conditioning and
Demand Metering. Full line of CE approved Din-Rail units. Test Panels and
Custom Systems are available.
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Microsemi Frequency and Time Corporation has over thirty years of experience
designing and manufacturing time, frequency and synchronization solutions for
our customers. We're the leading supplier of precise timing standards to
industry, government, utilities, research centers, aerospace and enterprises
worldwide. We provide quality customer support, backed by a strong R&D
team and efficient manufacturing operations, to meet our customers' demanding
A full line of quality power solutions including Uninterruptible Power Quality
(UPQ) systems from 500VA to 400kVA. Power Innovations' UPQ completely
isolates, filters, and regulates impure and erratic input power and produces a
reliable, consistent, pure, sine wave output using high frequency power
generation. Our products are used in medical, security, aerospace, networking,
PC, financial, industrial, voice & data communications, and military
Sentek Dynamics offers an extensive line of single and multi-axis vibration test
equipment. Systems range from small permanent magnet shakers for modal
analysis and desktop work to air and water-cooled systems ranging from 4.5 to
88,000 lbf in vertical only and mono-base slip table configurations. Sentek
Dynamics supplies a complete line of accessories that includes head expanders
(with and without load support and guidance) and replacement amplifiers for
other manufacturer’s shakers.
Instrumentation Recorders featuring Flash Memory card and Digital formats.
Models available with up to 128 channels with computer interface and software
for digital data downloading, data monitoring, analysis, and recorder control.
Computer interfaces include LAN, Firewire and SCSI. Recorders can be AC,
DC or Battery powered.
Tokyo Sokki Kenkyujo Company manufactures load cells, strain gages,
displacement, pressure transducers, accelerometers and related instrumentation.
Data loggers, portable strain indicators, signal conditioners and fatigue data
acquisition and processing systems.
Small, compact, low and high speed dataloggers. Full computer compatibility
via LAN, USB, RS-232, and SCSI Interfaces. Thermal Stylus Recorders. Full
line of Signal Conditioners.
Cleveland (Northeast OH)
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P.O. Box 340427
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P.O. Box 340427
Dayton, OH 45434-0427
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