Prof. Mark Dyer Upon completion of this course, students will be

Construction Innovation and Research – 5 ECTS
Module Title
Module Leader
Prof. Mark Dyer
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Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. To be aware of research structures, stakeholders and funding mechanism
used in Ireland and EU to promote research and innovation
2. To be aware of exemplar case studies that led to research and innovation
from networks, companies, universities and research institutes;
3. To be familiar with innovation process and systems based on technology
4. To be familiar legal framework available to protect innovation
5. To be familiar with new innovation technologies in the construction
6. To critically appraisal research publications and research strategy
documentation .
Teaching & Learning Methods
The teaching strategy employed on this course is a mixture of lectures, tutorials and project based
Method(s) and Timing of Assessment
Assessment for this course is by means of coursework and a formal end-of-year two-hour written
examination, which accounts for 50% of the final mark respectively.
Outline Syllabus
The module explores the highly topic subject of research and innovation within the construction
industry inside and outside of Ireland. The module investigates the various research structures,
stakeholders and funding mechanism available to promote research and innovation. Extensive us is
made of uses case studies of exemplar research networks, companies and products to indentify
successful process that led to innovation from a research base.
Reading References
Rethinking Construction Innovation and Research by Sir John Fairclough
Systematic Innovation by Darrel Mann
3 hours per week (three lectures plus one tutorial per week)