DLC-7 cutsheet

Continous Dimming Control
• 0- 10 VDC control.
• Capable of controlling 80 Advance Mark VII, 50 Motorola
Helios / Magnetec Ballastar or Lutron ECO-10.
• 60-degree FresnelTM lens provides narrow cone of
response for precise monitoring.
• Multiple calibration options (at sensor or with calibration
• Foot-candle range of 0-500 FC.
• Multiple dimming rates (3 or 8 seconds).
• Low profile design.
Our facility offers two avenues for saving money on your lighting;
day lighting controls and occupancy sensors. Hubbell Building
Automation’s DLC-7 allows the occupant to take advantage of
available natural light, the DLC-7 will maintain constant, undisturbed fluorescent light levels during peak use. Through continuous monitoring of ambient light levels the DLC-7 dims the
associated lighting fixtures to a user pre-defined foot-candle
setting to provide additional illumination in order to compensated for a lack of natural light on the work surface (i.e. desk
top, floor). The DLC-7 (0-10VDC) dimming photocell provides precise control of the actual amount of illumination on
the work surface within its field of view. Measured light levels
are converted into a linear proportional analog voltage that
controls the ballast dimming range down of the fluorescent
lighting output. This allows for maximum energy savings by
efficiently blending natural and artificial light to maintain a
comfortable visual environment.
The DLC-7 is the ideal sensor for electronic dimming ballasts
such as the Advance ™ Mark VII, Motorola Helios, or Lutron
ECO-10. The sensor allows for coninuous dimming of indoor
fluorescent lighting in response to changing ambient light
levels. It can also be used for fine-tuning task lighting zones to
The DLC-7 will maintain constant,
undisturbed fluorescent light levels
during peak use while allowing
the occupant to take advantage
of available natural light.
ANSI recommended illumination levels.
The adjustment of sensor head through
either the calibration tool or at the unit
sets the output to the controlled ballasts.
The linear response of DLC-7 adjustment
allows the user to make accurate adjustments
between 7 and 140 foot-candles, providing accurate
consistent control of work surface lighting. The sensor can be
installed with minimal surface alterations and programmed to
provide a short 3-second or long 8 second dimming delay. The
short delay provides for faster sensor response, whereas the
long delays slows the sensor response and maintains a more
stable signal to the ballast, as maybe needed for passing
To assure optimum performance and highest standards, all
electrical components are of computer grade quality and
assembled onto fiberglass epoxy circuit board. All products
are factory tested to assure maximum reliability.
• Accuracy: +/-1% at 70°F (21°C), derated to +/-5% above
120°F or below 50°F (18° to 49°C)
• Operating Temp: -13°F to +140°F (-11°C to 60°C)
• Sensitivity Ranges: 0 to 500FC
• Adjustment Ranges: 7 to 140FC
• Input Voltage: 10 VDC 9supplied by ballast)
• Output Voltage: 1VDC (light) – 10 VDC (dark)
• Wire Leads: 22 gauge
Gray and Violet to the Advance™ ballast
Blue and Black for remote calibration dial
White/Green 2-wire loop cut for 3 sec delay
Leave intact for 8 seconds delay to ballast
• Sensor Type: Blue Enhanced Photo Diode
• Dimensions:
Base Diameter: 2.00”
Sensor Diameter: 1.29”
Height: 1.23”
Mounting Hole: 3/8 inches
• Mounting medium: 3M™ Double Adhesive Tape
• Remote Calibration: Low Voltage Turn Dial on wall plate.
• Sensor housing meets flame retardant requirements
of UL standard 94HB
• 2 year limited warranty