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Service Bulletin
Regarding: Storage and Care of AGM Batteries
Date: 8/23/2010
Models: All ClimaCab Models
Effectivity: Immediate
Issue: Voltage on Auxiliary battery bank can be drawn down to an insufficient level due to not being utilized
for long periods of time.
Solution: Crosspoint Solutions recommends that if a truck is not going to be in use for two or more weeks, then the
batteries on the Auxiliary bank should be disconnected. Alternatively, both 125A fuses can be removed.
All batteries will slowly discharge while they are in storage. If they are connected to a load, even a ClimaCab system
that is turned off, they can discharge over a period of a few weeks. Even if the batteries are completely disconnected
from a load, they can discharge themselves over a period of months. Battery manufacturers warn that if the charge
level drops below 6.5V, damage may occur.
Crosspoint Solutions Group recommends these best practices for maximized AGM battery life:
• If truck is inoperable for more than two weeks the batteries should be disconnected from ClimaCab.
• If batteries are not installed on truck, store the batteries in a cool environment, preferably below 86°F.
• Fully charge the batteries before placing them in storage.
• The self-discharge rate of the batteries accelerates in warmer temperatures. Therefore, provide a
maintenance charge more frequently in warmer temperatures. See the list of chargers below for
• Provide a maintenance charge if the battery voltage drops below 12.0V.
For optimal performance of your batteries, an approved 3-step AGM charger should be used for “topping off” the
batteries. An unregulated charger can raise the battery voltage above 14.7V, causing electrolyte to vaporize and vent.
This loss of electrolyte represents lost battery capacity. There is no way to replace this electrolyte in a sealed AGM
battery once it has vented. Examples of acceptable chargers are:
• Crosspoint Solutions: part number 115323-11- part of the shore power kit.
• Odyssey: OMAX-50A-1B
• Iota: DLS-55
• Xantrex: True Charge 2, either 40A or 60A.
For additional information, contact Crosspoint Solutions at 877-826-9399.
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