Spec Sheet - Villa Lighting

Commercial Exit Signs
• ETL listed to UL standard 924.
NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code).
NFPA 70 (National Electric
Code). Low profile meets ADA
specifications on
lighting fixtures. UL listed for
damp locations as an optional
• Each combo includes low voltage
disconnect, AC lockout, and
brownout protection.
• Each combo with Xtest circuitry
will automatically conduct a
self-test once a month with the
lamps on to verify all systems
are functioning properly. For
complete details regarding Xtest
circuitry see spec sheet CE-17050
or page 662.
• Contemporary design external
square style lamp heads that
utilize an innovative track system
that allows for a full range of
adjustment for emergency
• 120/277VAC selectable input.
• Power Consumption
• Flame rated, UV stable ABS
thermoplastic housing.
• Combos are available in black or
white finishes.
• Snap together quick mount
120 Volt: 49 mA Line Amps,
Input Wattage
277 Volt: 24.5 mA Line Amps,
Input Wattage
• Exit face illumination is provided
by a special high intensity
indirect red or green LED
strip. Letter brightness and
illumination uniformity exceed UL
• Wall or ceiling mounted only.
• CCFCK is field mount accessory
for mounting combo to ceiling.
Must be ordered separately on
single face combo.
• Pop out chevron directional
indicators are easily removed
when required.
• Uniform 6" letter illumination
(3/4" stoke).
• Combo mounts up to a standard
4" square outlet box.
• Standard emergency unit contains
6 volt, 5.4 Watt wedge base
tungsten lamps.
• All combos utilize a
microprocessor and contain the
Xtest self-diagnostic/self-test
• An optional 6 volt, 6 Watt halogen
lamp is available for increased
lumens by selecting the “H”
• Maintenance free 6 volt sealed
lead acid battery.
CCTX Series
• Operating temperature range is
65˚F (19˚C) to 85˚F (30˚C) and
should provide a service life of
5 to 7 years with SLA battery.
Compac Thermoplastic Combo with
• Provides a minimum of 90
minutes emergency illumination
while in the emergency mode.
• Time Delay (TD) – After power
failure and power is restored,
the lamp will remain illuminated
for a 15 minute period (provided
battery capacity remains).
• Manual Test Activation (LX) – To
operate using a laser pen: passing
laser briefly over the remote
sensor simply duplicates the
manual button (1, 2, 3) pushes.
• Damp Location Rated (DR) – All
products specified with the “DR”
Damp Location rated option will
contain conformal coated circuit
boards as required by UL.
The Philips Chloride CCTX Series is ideal
for commercial applications that require
an attractive, reliable and economical
combination emergency exit. All models
feature the Xtest self-diagnostic/ self-test
as standard.
• Less Self TEST (LS) – Lamps
will not come on when the unit
performs its automatic monthly
self-test functions.
• Five year warranty on combo.
(lamps not included.)
Xtest (See page 662)
Xtest self-diagnostic/self-testing
management system is standard.
• Multiple LED indicators flash
warnings when attention is needed
• Micro-controller verifies all
systems operation
• Exceeds all UL and NFPA
requirements for self-testing.
• Full open circuit testing every hour.
CCRHP (Outdoor Remote)
Depth: 4-1/2" (96.1mm)
Green Product Choice: CCTXL3RW
Accessories (order separately)
Remote Capacity
BLANK – No remote
R – 12 Watt remote
with Xtest SelfDiagnostics
R – Red
G – Green
Number of Faces
Panel Color
1 – Single Face
3 – Universal2
Housing Color
W – White
B – Black
H – 6W Halogen Lamps
LH – Less Heads
F – Flashing4
FI – Fire Alarm Flashing
DR – Damp Location Rating
TD – Time Delay -15 minute1,3
LS – Less Self-test of Lamps1,3
LX – Manual test activation via
remote laser tester
(RLT sold separately)1
SA – Salida
B – Buzzer4
CCFCK – Field mounted ceiling kit for mounting CCTXL
combo to ceiling.
CCRHP – Weather proof remote metal chrome head
with mounting plate, 6 volt 6 Watt sealed
beam PAR 36 lamp (see photo above).
RLT – Remote Laser Tester
WG4 – Wire Guard (Wall mount only) 14.5"x17"x5.5"
WG5 – Wire Guard (Wall mount only) 18"x23"x10"
Note: Matching remotes available - refer to page 753.
Refer to page 662 for details.
Includes extra stencil face and CCFCK mounting kit.
Cannot have LS & TD options together on combo.
Cannot have F & B options together on combo.
For more information concerning CCTX Series, consult specification sheet CE-12400 at
www.daybrite.com. Consult the website for warranty information.
Philips Chloride, Solutions Volume 8