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House Beautiful
February 2010
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Feast or Floral?
Denver Post
December 26, 2009
Circulation 704,806
Mirroring current clothing trends, home fashions now include updated floral designs in bold colors
and large-scale graphic interpretations, says La Rue Brown of Pennsylvania-based York Wall Coverings.
Spice up one wall with Parisian poppies in turquoise, or rhododendrons in a sea of pink. Wallpaper
at ronaldreddingdesigns.com and yorkwall.com start at $45 a roll.
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Floral Wallpapers
By Laura Fenton
AOL ShelterPop.com
January 11, 2010
Readership 5,000,000
You know it’s cold outside when you
start to think that 26 degrees is “warm.”
We’ve hard a long, cold snap here in
New York recently, and it has your
ShelterPop editors dreaming of warm,
verdant spring.
While it will be months before the
crocuses push their way out of the
ground, we can cheer ourselves with
floral wallpaper in the meantime.
Floral and botanical prints can go dark,
deep and serious, but right now, we’re
loving prints in bright, light colors.
In particular, we’re crazy for patterns that
give flower motifs a more contemporary
feel without going too mod. Here are a
few patterns we’re dreaming of right
Above left: Guinevere in Cream on
Citron (RV9654) from Medley by Ronald
Redding Designs, $80 per single roll
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Better Homes and Gardens
Early Spring 2010
Circulation 450,000
Wallpaper – York Wallcoverings; 800/375-9675; yorkwall.com.
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Better Homes and Gardens, Storage, continued
Wallpaper – York Wallcoverings; 800/375-9675; yorkwall.com.
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Wall Flowers
Tired of peering out of your windows
at www.ronaldreddingdesigns.com
to see a snow- and dirt -filled landscape?
or 1-800-220-6730.
Minneapolis Star-Tribune
January 19, 2010
Circulation 304,543
Rev up your view of the world - and catch
a portent of spring - with some of the
“Peony” in blue, one of three new
season’s bright new wallcoverings.
designs in the Chelsea Papers collection
by Farrow & Ball, $320 per double roll,
21 inches wide and 11 yards long.
Available from F&B beginning in March.
KDR Showrooms at International
Market Square, available to the public
through the IMS Design Connection
at 612-330-9448.
“Leblond” flocked velvet acanthus leaf
design from the Darly collection,
Designers Guild. Shown in lime, other
“Gypsy” with gold glass beads, Ronald
Redding Designs
colors available; 20 1/2 inches wide and
11 yards long with a repeat of a little
more than 28 inches. Scherping
“Gypsy” in blue with gold glass beads
Westphal at International Market
from Monogram by Ronald Redding.
Square; available to the public through
$110 per single roll, 27 inches wide and
the IMS Design Connection at
9 yards long. Redding mixes recycled
York wallpaper swatches of “fern” and
“natural leaves”
windshield glass with metallic glitter and
inks so the design stands in relief. Several
“Flower Power’’ Echo Design by Kenneth
Twin Cities retailers listed at
James, $69 per single roll, 20 1/2 inches
wide and 11 yards long. Available
or 1-800-220-6730.
through Hirshfield’s, Sherwin Williams,
Lowe’s and Menards; call Brewster Home
Fashions, 1-800-366-1700 for other
“Moment” black and silver leaf print
from the Essence collection for Graham
& Brown. $70 per double roll; 20 1/2
inches wide and almost 33 feet long.
See www.grahambrown.com/us
or 1-800-554-0887 to order.
“Guinevere”, cream on citron from
medley by Ronald Redding.
“Guinevere” in cream on citron from
Medley by Ronald Redding. $79.99 per
single roll, 27 inches wide and 9 yards
long. Several Twin Cities retailers listed
Marisa with silver glitter, York
750 Linden Ave.
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Fear of Wallpaper
By Kim Yeager
Minneapolis Star-Tribune
“Homegirls” blog
January 19, 2010
Circulation 304,543
“Gypsy” with gold glass beads, Ronald
Redding Designs
True confession. I love wallpaper, but I’m
next-generation papers has never been
intimidated by it. As faux finishes have
easier, I’m still stymied (and scarred from
fallen from fashion, wallpaper is
the experience of pasting the nursery
experiencing a
walls with oversized turquoise gingham
great renaissance. Sumptuous, colorful
checks almost 15 years ago). How much
patterns abound: flocked damasks, retro
pattern is too much? Doing one wall is
prints, hand-blocked patterns, even rolls
alleged to make a statement (and I fear
imprinted with acid-etched magnolia
what it’s saying is, this chick has no
leaves. (See Wednesday’s Homestyle
taste). How have you avoided letting
section in Home + Garden for a peek at a
wallpaper be your Waterloo? And what
handful of cool new patterns.) The beads
are your tips for matching patterns?
in this cool Ronald Redding design
Meanwhile, check out this homage to
“Gypsy,” pictured, are made from
wall decor: a dried moss pattern covering
recycled windshield glass and metallic
the interior walls of the home of oki sato,
inks. Not my mother’s wallpaper (which
whose Tokyo firm, Nendo, specializes in
was tan and black plaid and covered our
architecture, interiors, product, graphic,
kitchen walls; very au courant in the early
furniture and event design. The
‘70s for small-town western North
design*sponge blog credits the design
Dakota). But while the choices have
to Japanese artist Asami Kiyokawa, Oki’s
never been better, and removal of these
wife. Now that’s a wall covering.
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It’s All About You
Midwest Living
January/February 2010
Circulation 945,715
Page 59 (clockwise starting at top) Grasscloth Wallpaper #CP9345 Dong Sung Grasscloth, Color: Cream.
White Heron II Collection, The Carlisle Company by York Wallcoverings (800/375-9675; yorkwall.com).
Dragonfly Wallpaper #SX7715 Fanciful, Color: Neutral, Ronald Redding Designs (800/220-6730,
ronaldreddingdesigns.com). Leaf Wallpaper #SE1801 Natural Leaves, Color: Brown, Special Effects Collection,
Ronald Redding Designs (see Dragonfly Wallpaper above).
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Midwest Living, continued
Vine Wallpaper #WJ7011 Bellissima Collection, Antonina Vella by Seabrook (see Basketweave
Wallpaper above). Pink Flower Wallpaper #LS6151 Traccia, Color: Fuchsia on Metallic Silver,
Bella Rosa Collection, Antonina Vella by Seabrook (see Basketweave Wallpaper above).
750 Linden Ave.
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House and Home
February 2010
Circulation 250,000
Wallpaper – $61: Stripes and Textures collection ST5691 wallpaper, Crown Wallpaper + Fabric,
call 1-800-268-1300 for retailers across Cananda.
750 Linden Ave.
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Trends 2010
Home Décor Ideas to Inspire You
Design NJ
December 2009/January 2010
Circulation 100,000
York Wallcoverings, 800-375-9675, yorkwall.com
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Designs for the New Year
Smart decorative moves for lifting your rooms out of the post-holiday doldrums
Double Duty Throws
York. In search of a focal point?
Don’t forget to toss a bright throw into
WallPops, a peel-and-stick product, lets
the mix during these cold winter
you create riveting tableaux with virtually
months—it’s an opportunity to spread
no commitment.
additional color over your perches along
with some warmth.
A big part of the holiday season’s appeal
Parisian Poppy GS4778 from Stacy
Garcia Luxury Wallpapers
Let’s face it, most any décor pales by
comparison to the lights, garlands and
ornaments that festoon our surroundings
at year’s end. But the magic needn’t
disappear along with the tinsel and tree.
You can create year-round appeal by
taking your cues from the decorations
heading to the attic.
At their essence, they’re small doses of
luxury that hook the eye with pattern,
color, form, texture and sheen. So, in the
new year, turn to compact accents, paint,
wallpaper, touches of nature and light to
add beauty without bulk to your rooms.
While some of these solutions call for a
bit of elbow grease, they don’t require
deep pockets. And, just like those
twinkling strands of bulbs, you can easily
swap them out when the mood strikes.
A Pillow Makeover
Nothing perks up a drab sofa or chair
more quickly than a pillow…or two or
three. These little packages deliver a
wallop of pleasing geometry, color and
texture that is disproportionate to their
size. Refresh the look you have by
layering pillows of different shapes and
sizes into your seats.
Runner Refresher
is its prolonged light show. Translate that
Your home’s transitional spaces get the
charm to the everyday by using portable
most foot traffic but their design doesn’t
lamps to illuminate any remaining dark
often reflect their prime location. How
or dreary areas in your house. The point
about rolling out the carpet for style in
is to ease your tasks and also create a
a hallway with a cushy new runner?
more uplifting atmosphere.
The most effective way to achieve this
Power of Paint
goal is to create a balance between
Coating one room or even a single wall
different kinds of lighting in your
in a vibrant and compelling color will
rooms—incorporate table lamps and
breathe new life into your home. Just
floor lamps and both upward and
before the end of 2009, the Pantone
downward light.
Institute—the world’s leading color
research and information center—named
Turquoise (15-5519) as the 2010 color of
The tradition of lacing doors, mantels
the year. Conjuring up images of a
and balustrades with greenery was born
tropical waters in shades of blueish-green,
of the notion that some of the most
the gem color is a symbol of healing,
beautiful and restorative interior accents
faith and truth with positive vibrations—
are found in nature. For the new year,
who couldn’t use some of that in the
replace the pine and poinsettia with
new year?
generous groupings of just one type of
fresh flower. Or, for a more permanent
Wallpaper Pop
solution, opt for silk arrangements—these
Wallpaper’s another way to quickly and
days, they come in lovely containers
easily grab the eye—use it to accent a
ranging from glass to alabaster and
single feature wall or an entire room, a
they’re all but indistinguishable from
small section of a wall, a door panel, or
the real thing.
even the back of a shelving unit.
In spaces made of largely neutral
Slideshow is available at:
furnishings, photorealistic papers (try
Brewster) wield the impact of art in the
most striking sense. If you have enough
pattern in a room, add texture and
shimmer with glass bead encrusted or
crystal embedded papers like those from
January 2010
Circulation 3,000,000
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Looking Back
Country Accents
Spring 2010
Circulation 1,626,426
Blue and White Always Right
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750 Linden Ave.
York, PA 17405-5166
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Country Accents, continued
750 Linden Ave.
York, PA 17405-5166
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Hot Picks
Fox Valley Kids
December 2009
Circulation 40,000
750 Linden Ave.
York, PA 17405-5166
Tel: 717-846-4456
Turquoise In Action
EFeDesigns blog
January 19, 2010
Circulation 2,100
Parisian Poppy GS4778 by Stacy Garcia Luxury Wallpapers
Recently Kim wrote a post about 2010’s forecasted hot color,
turquoise. That gorgeous wallcovering is a Stacey Garcia
design carried by York Wallcoverings. Be sure to check back as
I’ll be posting more images of this great color as I find them!
750 Linden Ave.
York, PA 17405-5166
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A Nod to the 1980s
Look for new year’s décor trends to be cheery, bright, big and bold
Cincinnati Enquirer
January 14, 2010
Circulation 206,320
Mary DeCioccio of the DeCioccio
Damask is being done in metallics,
Showroom. “If not, what’s the point?”
monkeys take center stage in crewel
embroidery designs, and traditional
Strong colors
paisley swirls are sketchier, with
Fabric, upholstery and wallpaper
rainbow-bright hues.
designers are combining turquoise -
Among the trends to look for are
oversized retro patterns in wallpaper
like this by Stacy Garcia.
declared the “it” color of 2010 by color
And although chinoiserie is very
authority Pantone - with perky orange,
traditional, “when it’s done in two
electric lime, sunny yellow, warm
colors (and huge prints), it’s very
tangerine and rich magenta, all on one
contemporary,” Martindell says.
patterned fabric, without a calm khaki
in sight.
Blame it on a year of abstaining from
Even openwork fabrics aren’t immune
to the trend. A white fabric with abutting
non-essential purchases or chalk it up to
“The big thing for spring is bright colors,
circles and an open background, from
the resurgence of neon fashion from the
but it’s going to be much more in
Jane Churchill, has an overall feel similar
1980s: The most eye-catching home
accessories than in furniture,” says Ruth
to lace but enough geometry to blend
décor trend for 2010 is, in a word,
Ann Underhill, general manager of the
with contemporary furnishings.
Macy’s Furniture Gallery in Kenwood.
“It’s much more bold than I’ve ever seen
“It’s a clean look, with pops of color set
Quirky animals
against a neutral field.”
At the DeCioccio Showroom, bird
it,” says Kerry Martindell, manager of the
patterns range from the traditional
fabric, upholstery and wall-covering lines
In upholstery, which tends to stay more
peacock to long-necked “Dr. Suess”-style
from Brunschwig & Fils at the
neutral, that means “they might just do
creations and a line-drawn yellow bird in
DeCioccio Showroom at Longworth
the back pillows in a punch of color,”
a cage.
Hall, Downtown.
says Candy Florey, the showroom
“Happy” seems to be the most popular
manager at Joseph Craig Ltd. in
There’s also flocked wallpaper with the
Longworth Hall.
silhouettes of various dog breeds, and a
name for unabashedly chipper spring
surprising number of monkey prints,
products, such as wine glasses with
Oversized prints
which aren’t always destined for a kid’s
hand-painted flowers, guest towels with
“Go big or go home” is the motto for
room, DeCioccio says.
sugar-sweet appliqued cupcakes and a
prints this year, from blown-up floral
sunny yellow duvet set.
patterns with a retro flair to expansive
“The adults want to have a little fun
geometrics and supersized damask
too,” she says.
Even companies with a steadfast niche
fabric for headboards.
in traditional styles - from La-Z-Boy to
a Parisian textile company - brought a
“It’s like a really traditional pattern, but
Ikat-weave patterns are everywhere for
funky edge to their old standards, with
when you blow it up, it takes on a very
spring - on ottomans, bedspreads and
indulgent colors, oversized patterns and
new, transitional look,” Martindell says.
drapery. Many manufacturers choose
quirky twists that can make it fun to
dress your home again.
festive, multi-hued designs, but some
Classics, redone
Supersizing is just one way designers are
“People have to have a good time,” says
tweaking the classics.
pair ivory with muted sherbets.
750 Linden Ave.
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Give them the gift of self-expression
By Andrea Boyarsky
As much as they insist on being treated
“I think for a long time they’ve wanted
as individuals, there’s no question that
to show off their style and personalities,”
teens tend to follow the pack in going
Ms. Lynam said. “Now there are a lot
Functional items also make for good
after the latest fads. From technology to
more options available that allow them
gifts, Ms. Lynam said, especially for the
clothing and everything in between, if
to pick and choose what’s going to reflect
teen who’s heading off to college soon.
their friends have it, they want it and, in
their personality.”
Dorm trunks, over-the-door hooks and
most cases, will get it as soon as it comes
closet shoe holders, chalk calendar wall
From table lamps and alarm clocks to
decals, storage bins and furniture
bedding sets and wall decor, there’s
collections that can fit different spaces
If you’re the parent of a teen who has
plenty out there to allow teens to express
and styles are among the useful items
everything and you’re struggling with
their personality through their
she mentions.
what to give him or her this holiday
furnishings, rather than attitude. But
season, consider a gift that will encourage
before choosing decor gifts, Mom and
Bed Bath & Beyond, with stores in
a bit of individuality by turning up the
Dad need to consider their hobbies,
Charleston and New Springville, offers
style quotient in their bedroom.
interests and favorite colors, said Ms.
an array of teen-related decor. Charleston
Lynam, whose company has a store in
store manager Roy Polayes said bedding
According to Sarah Lynam,
Manhattan and provides gift suggestions
is an easy way to transform a room,
spokeswoman for PBteen, teens are
to meet different teen tastes on its Web
pointing to Roxy and Quiksilver as
showing a greater interest in decorating
site www.pbteen.com.
popular teen-centric brands that feature
now that the marketplace is featuring
colorful prints and stylish designs.
more items suited to their tastes.
Among her gift ideas are the colorful
Rockin’ Alarm Clock, which comes with
Polayes suggests purchasing solid-color
a dock to play and recharge iPods for the
sheets and a bedskirt along with a down
music lover; a full-length mirror for the
comforter. For a complete package,
style-conscious and sports wall decals
include a duvet cover that protects the
for the budding athlete and super fan.
comforter and easily can be switched
if the recipient gets bored with it.
Ms. Lynam mentions the Peace
Collection, including pillow covers,
“When you decorate someone’s room,
tapestries, bedding, lights and other
especially teen-agers, their tastes change
items featuring the iconic peace sign, as
all the time,” observed Polayes, himself
a popular product at PBteen. Decorative
the father of a 12-year-old son. “All you
wall items, whether removable decals or
need is a new duvet,” he continued. “You
wire wall letters and zodiac signs, also
throw it over a comforter, get a matching
are big-sellers, she said.
or contrasting sham and you have a
whole new look.”
Modern Ovals retro wall decals from
RoomMates are perfect for
personalizing a bedroom; $25-$49.
Staten Island Advance
December 10, 2009
Circulation 89,100
Lighting is a key element in a bedroom
and the company offers funky zebra and
polka dot shaded lamps, colorful paper
lanterns and drum lights fabricated from
Artwork is another avenue parents may
the real thing.
want to pursue in their search for the
perfect decorative gift, he said. Photos,
posters, framed artwork and collage
frames allow teens to show off pictures
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750 Linden Ave.
York, PA 17405-5166
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Staten Island Advance, continued
of their friends. Along those lines, Bed
Beth & Beyond also carries digital
picture frames that can download photos
from a computer.
“It allows kids to constantly update [their
room] depending on what’s going on in
their life,” Polayes noted.
Another practical, yet stylish gift, he
suggested is a bedrest. Your teen may
not have room for a sofa or chair in his
or her room, so a bedrest allows them
to lean back and get comfortable while
studying or watching TV. Polayes advised
buying a few extra-large pillows that can
serve as floor cushions when friends are
visiting, as well as an AeroBed for
If you’re still stuck on what to get your
Teen Decor – The ultra fashionable and fun
Graphic Flowers wall decals from RoomMates
will add cheer, a splash of color, and interest
to your teen’s room; $13.99.
teen for the holidays, Polayes said to just
use the color of their room as a jumping
off point for buying coordinating
accessories. The best way to be sure,
though, is to bring your prospective gift
recipient to the store with you to get
ideas on what he or she likes. As the
store manager observed, and what most
parents know to be true — “teen-agers
are very independent minded.”
Andrea Boyarsky is a features reporter
for the Advance. She can be reached
at [email protected]
Teen Decor – Your teen can Dare to Dream
with this laptop skin from RoomMates that
installs in seconds to personalize and protect
their laptop cover; $10.49.
750 Linden Ave.
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The return of wallpaper
New designs, better products have designers
wrapping rooms in it
Toledo Blade
January 6, 2010
Circulation: 110,728
By Ann Weber, Blade Staff Writer
Wallpaper has the reputation of being a
executive editor of the Paint and
Warner Wallcoverings’ Easy-Walls
high-maintenance friend: lots of positive
Decorating Retailers Association, a trade
product is one of the new generation of
qualities but oh, so much work.
group based in St. Louis.
papers, which promise to be easy to
The time-consuming, patience-testing
Some local decorators agree.
sheets when you’re ready to take it down.
struggling to remove it years later caused
“We’re seeing a resurgence,” said Mary
Speaking by phone from his office in
consumers to turn away in droves and go
Miller, an interior designer at Betty
Bowie, Md., Mr. Quinn said one way it’s
to painted walls in faux finishes or rich,
Rumpf Interiors on West Central
easier to install is that it requires no
solid colors.
Avenue. “Paint is nice for color, but it
“booking” - the term for folding
doesn’t give any texture or dimension.”
wallpaper so that its pasted sides are face
install and a breeze to peel off in full
process of hanging the paper and
Now it’s time to turn back, the industry
to face, after dipping in water, for a
urges. Thanks to improved products,
Pamela Straub, of Pamela Straub Interior
period of time to allow the paper “to
“wallcovering is easy again,” declared
Design on Jefferson Avenue downtown,
Thomas Quinn, sales and marketing
said “there are wonderful, wonderful,
manager for Warner Wallcoverings, a
very bold papers now.”
division of RJF International based in
Fairlawn, Ohio.
In addition, wallpaper “is more beautiful
Nonwoven wallpaper is also
environmentally friendly, Mr. Quinn
“Nothing creates drama like wallpaper,”
said. The vinyl-free product is printed
she added. “Nothing warms up a room
with water-based inks and “breathes” to
like wallpaper.”
allow a flow of moisture and air, thus
than ever before,” said Diane Capuano,
preventing development of mold or
And Linda Boxell, of Boxell Interiors in
mildew underneath, Mr. Quinn
Sylvania, said wallcoverings have been
winning people back with stronger, better
quality paper and pretty new styles. For
“All the substrates today are of a better
one recent project, she used a black
quality than they were in the past,” said
patent-leather wallpaper with embossed
LeRue Brown, director of marketing for
diamond design in a kitchen with white
York Wallcoverings of York, Pa. The
cabinets, black flooring, and fabric on
company’s product line includes a
bar stools and chairs that introduced
nonwoven called SureStrip.
strong accent colors.
Although nonwoven costs 10 to 15
Real and visual dimension is created
with a raised-ink floral design, flocking
on a metallic background, and gloss
ink on a matte background.
“I feel like wallpaper, more than paint,
percent more than all paper or
defines a room and a style,” she said.
paper-back vinyl wallcovering, it’s “the
most fail-safe. It’s difficult for a
The major technological advance in the
do-it-yourselfer to install it in a way that
wallpaper industry is the “nonwoven
makes it difficult to come off,” Mr.
substrate” - a blend of natural and
Brown said.
synthetic fibers on which the design is
printed and which is stronger than paper
Esthetically, wallpaper offers a lot more
today too.
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750 Linden Ave.
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Toledo Blade, continued
“One of the trends is tactile feel and
Wallpapering huge rooms can be
dimension,” Mr. Brown said. Examples
expensive, and “I think people are tired
are papers with designs incorporating
of all the pattern and want a cleaner line,
sand, glass beads, and Swarovski crystals.
cleaner looks,” Mrs. Grimm went on.
Even flocked paper is back.
She said she often suggests using
Ms. Miller, of Betty Rumpf Interiors, said
wallpaper in a bathroom or laundry
today’s flocks have large-scale prints and
room, because they’re small areas with
vibrant colors. Clients who want a softer,
hard surfaces and few ways to personalize
more natural look are using grass-cloth
the space.
wallcoverings, she added.
“I really like the textured wallpapers that
The open layouts and high ceilings that
are out there, and I think they can add a
are typical in big new homes don’t lend
cozy feeling to small rooms,” she said.
themselves well to wallpaper, noted Jill
Grimm of Jill Grimm Interior Design on
Contact Ann Weber at: [email protected]
West Bancroft Street. “There is so much
theblade.com or 419-724-6126.
open space and there’s no good place to
start and stop the wallpaper,” she
750 Linden Ave.
York, PA 17405-5166
Tel: 717-846-4456
when the ink is dry 墨
Ink Dish Design, the California-based chinaware
in the
York Wallcoverings’
designers show that
adults can have as
much fun in the sand
as kids can with their
gorgeous sand-infused
wallpapers. In fact, York even custom-built its own machine
to assist with the process of applying grains of sand – whose
textures span super-fine to coarse – to eco-friendly paper in
intricate patterns resembling gently waving seaweed fronds,
tiny pebbles, linear geometrics and much more.
York Wallcoverings的 設 計 師 證 明 , 成 年 人 也會如小孩子一樣樂於置
身沙堆中,不過是 透 過 公 司 新 推 出 的 沙 粒 牆 紙。為達到更理想的效
果, York特別設計自 家 機 器 , 把 沙 粒 穩 妥 地 加於環保的牆紙上——沙
粒更能製成不同的 粗 幼 — — 營 造 出 精 細 的 圖 案,例如呈波浪形的海藻
群、小卵石、幾何 圖 案 等 。
H o m e J o u r n a l N OV E M B E R
Wallpaper: Seabury in Royal Blue (SX7744) from Monogram IV by Ronald Redding Designs
company whose funky, tattoo-inspired pieces w
in HJ’s February issue, has just launched two co
collections. Cherry Ink calls to mind sakura seas
and is inspired by Japanese tattoo art, while le
artist Paul Timman’s tribal-style tattoos were the
behind the fierce, swirling lines of Tribal Line.
我們曾於 2月號介紹過加州陶瓷 設 計 公 司 Ink Dish De
計,最近公司推出兩款全新系 列 : Cherry Ink令 人 想
的部族風格圖案則是 Tribal Line系 列November
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