GPU Centre of Excellence IIT Bombay Sponsored by NVIDIA


GPU Centre of Excellence

IIT Bombay

Sponsored by NVIDIA Corporation, USA



IIT Bombay received the CUDA Center of Excellence (CCOE) Award from

NVIDIA Corporation, USA in Jan 2014.

It is the first and only CCOE in India.


Prof. P. S. V. Nataraj

Principal Investigator


Systems and Control Engineering Dept.


IIT Bombay

Research activities:

Global Optimization on GPUs


Embedded Control JTK1

Prof. Sachin Patkar

Co-Principal Investigator


Electrical Engineering Dept.


IIT Bombay

Research activities:

Gate Level Logic Simulation Acceleration using GPUs.

Prof. Shiva Gopalakrishnan

Co-Principal Investigator


Mechanical Engineering Dept.



Research activities:

Galerkin methods


Scalable higher order numerical methods

Application to tsunami modeling




Adaptive mesh refinement techniques.


Vision of CCOE is to provide




Infrastructure, in GPU computing across the country.

GCOE shall serve as a nodal point for all major GPU computing initiatives in the country.


India today is poised to become a superpower in computing,

 thanks to National Supercomputing Mission (NSM), Govt of India in 2015, to the tune of Rs. 4500 crores.

In line with NSM, GCOE is on a mission.

Mission: Develop the GPU Computing Ecosystem in India.

Mission (Contd.)

The development of GPU ecosystem includes

Human Resource Development and training,

Infrastructure setting up and expansion,

Support for research projects in academia, and

Collaborations with other institutes.

Outreach activities

Motivate and evangelize development of

GPU Labs and Clusters in other colleges/universities

Meetups and Workshops for promoting GPU


GCOE continues to organize meetups and workshops at several places in the country to encourage other colleges and universities to get into the area of

GPU computing

Workshops and boot camps

A goal of the GCOE is proliferating CUDA computing. For this, GCOE conducted National Level Workshops on GPU Programming and

Applications (GPA). GCOE has conducted many workshops in 2014 and

2015 across the country.

Meetings for promoting GPU computing

GCOE organized meetups at several places to encourage other colleges and universities to get into the area of GPU computing.

Activities in 2015

The activities undertaken by GCOE IITB in 2015 are given on following slides

Human Resource Development and


In 2015, GCOE introduced, motivated, and trained a total of 1470 enthusiasts in GPU Computing.

13 workshops, meetups & conferences

- spanning 5 states of India, 11 Institutes, 9 cities

Human Resource Development and

Training (Contd.)

Training covered



Embedded Supercomputing on Jetson TK1,

Medical Imaging on GPUs, and

Global Optimization using GPUs.

Human Resource Development and

Training (Contd.)

GCOE trained 300 women undergraduate engineering students and 75


GCOE prepared a video tutorial on Embedded Supercomputing and put on YouTube ( )

This is beginning of a video series help GPU enthusiasts right from unboxing to setting up platform

Human Resource Development and

Training (Contd.)

GCOE HRD strategy: target all kind of users from beginner to expert.

Two mega GCOE conferences also targeted advanced users and professionals from medicine.

Academic Courses

More support as 4 courses on GPU Computing at IIT Bombay and one course at VIT, Pune.

All courses are semester long.

Courses attracted 300 students.

Academic Project support

6 dissertation projects in the area GPU computing.

8 Doctoral projects, 6 Graduate projects and 2 Undergraduate projects were initiated.

These projects are given infrastructure support by GCOE

 free access to GPU cluster and Jetson TK1.

Academic Project support (contd.)

IIT Bombay’s Autonomous Vehicle Projects




powered by the Jetson TK1 replacing huge CPU+GPU unit are now

15 research papers on neural networks, satellite imaging, power grid analysis, computer networking, image processing, electrical circuit simulation, numerical analysis and text processing.

Above was supported by GCOE, IIT Bombay.

Academic Project support (contd.)

GCOE also provided travel grants to 4 Researchers from


Guwahati and

Delhi to attend conferences and present GPU related research work


Infrastructure at GCOE is available to internal research community.

and external academic &

K40/K20 servers and other GPU workstations are also used for the National

CUDA Coding Competition.

Infrastructure support

To tackle the lack of proper GPU computing infrastructure throughout

India, GCOE has devised a two pronged approach:

Provide remote access to GPU Cluster and donating Jetson kits

150 GPU enthusiasts are using GCOE’s infrastructure in research.

About two-thirds of them are outside IITB,

 good indication of the support and motivation offered by GCOE to the Indian

GPU community

Infrastructure support (contd.)

Setup of GPU Labs in different colleges

GCOE has also offered its services to help other colleges and universities in

India to set-up/expand their GPU infrastructure.

These colleges/universities include 2 from the state of Rajasthan (including

IIT Jodhpur) and 2 from Maharashtra.

OpenPOWER Research Facility

Setup of an OpenPOWER Research Facility (ORF) with support of IBM,

NVIDIA, Mellanox, Tyan and other companies, has started

ORF will help more human resource development, training and research to

GPU enthusiasts across India.


Above activities significantly impacted GPU community in India: numbers, enhanced GPU computing awareness & programming skills, and increased GPU infrastructure.

Help align GPU computing activities with the National Supercomputing mission


Thank you