Curry College Science Scholars Cohort Application Form 2015

Curry College Science Scholars Cohort
Application Form
We are happy that you are considering joining the science cohort. Due to the limited number of spaces
that are available in the cohort for First-Year students, we ask that you complete and return the
following application for consideration. Applications should be returned to Dr. Marie Turner by May 20,
2015 via email at [email protected]
Please note if you plan to be a resident student, are accepted into the Science Scholars Cohort and
plan to participate in the Program, as a member of this Scholars Cohort Program you will live together
in Bell Hall, named after Alexander Graham Bell, the Chancellor of the School of Expression, Curry's
institutional precursor, from 1907 until his death in 1922. Students in this hall have access to a
classroom for science classes and events, as well as group and individual study rooms. The room rates
in Bell Hall are $9,261 for multiple occupancy and $11,381 for single occupancy which are increased
rates over our standard room rates.
Name ______________________________________________________________________________
Address_____________________________City_____________________State______ Zip Code_______
Major (check one):
 BA Biology
 BS Biology
 BS Biochemistry
1. Why do you want to join the science cohort? What do you hope to get out of the experience?
2. What drew you to a major in the sciences? What do you hope to do with your science degree
following graduation?
3. What skills, talents, and ideas do you think you would contribute to the science cohort Living
Learning Community?