Instrument Air

Instrument Air
Product Specifications
High Pressure Reciprocating Compressed Instrument Air System with Desiccant Dryers
Ohio Medical Corporation Instrument Air NFPA 99 compliant compressor system shall consist of electric motor driven pressure
lubricated air compressors, an Underwriters Laboratories listed electrical control mounted in a NEMA 12 enclosure, ASME air
receiver, air cooled aftercoolers with individual drains, inline intake air filters and an air treatment module. The components
shall be modularly assembled to accommodate most existing doorways. The system shall include interconnecting copper/
brass piping and wiring to provide a functional operating package with applicable electrical and plumbing connections at the
installation site. The packaged unit shall be factory tested prior to shipment and warranted for a period of (30) months from
date of shipment or (24) months from date of start-up.
Compressor Modules
Each compressor is to be a Quincy Compressor model QR-25 pressure lubricated reciprocating design, manufactured in
the United States of America.
Each pressure lubricated compressor will be v belt driven, single-acting, two-stage, air-cooled reciprocating type. Cylinders
will be cast iron, with deep cooling fins. Valve assemblies can be removed individually without removing the cast iron head
and inlet or discharge piping. The compressor shall have hardened and lapped disc-type valves for continuous service.
There will be two pieces to the connecting rods with cast in tubes for positive oil distribution to the piston pins. Low pressure
pistons will be aluminum with three automotive type compression rings and one automotive type oil ring. The high pressure
pistons will be cast iron with three automotive type compression rings and one automotive oil ring. Connecting rod bearings
shall be steel backed Babbitt lined automotive type. Crankshafts shall have integral counterweights and be rifle drilled for
pressure lubrication to ensure positive oil distribution. Adjustable anti-friction tapered roller bearings shall be mounted on
each end of the crankshaft to take both radial and thrust loads. Compressor flywheels shall be dynamically balanced and of
the fan type. Finned intercoolers shall be an integral part of all two-stage units, and located in the direct blast of air from the
fan-type flywheel. Compressors shall be equipped with a crankshaft driven oil pump located in the bearing carrier for easy
removal and inspection. There is also an oil filter located on the bearing carrier as well as a pre-filter screen in the crankcase
to help keep the oil clean. Low oil protection shall be a standard feature of the compressor, along with loadless starting.
Air Receiver
The ASME corrosion resistant coated air receiver is equipped with sight glass, pressure gauge, manual and electronic
drains, three-valve by-pass and source isolation valve. The receiver shall be rated for 350 psig.
Air Treatment Module
Desiccant air dryers shall be modular adsorption design. Each desiccant dryer shall be capable - 40°F pressure dew point at
100 psig. The desiccant dryer shall be twin tower design with switching controls to change from one tower to the other during
regeneration. The dryer will come standard with energy management feature to control and delay purge air requirement.
Carbon monoxide/dew point monitor shall be combination type and shall be in NEMA 12 enclosure. Desiccant dryers will
have integral coalescing and particulate filters with activated charcoal filters with bypass piping. Coalescing filter will be
rated at 98% efficiency at 0.01 micron.
System Controls
The air treatment module shall include a microprocessor based, UL/CUL-508 listed and NFPA-99 compliant alternating
control panel with a NEMA type 12 enclosure. The control panel is equipped with through the door, rotary type fused
disconnect switches and a through the door, rotary type, non-fused disconnect switch which controls incoming power to the
transformer that powers the CO/Dew Point Monitor. There are independent controls for each compressor with primary and
secondary fused, 120VAC control circuit transformers. The panel will include an ON/OFF selector switch, elapsed time meter,
two pressure switches (lead and lag), two motor starters. Each display board has a POWER ON L.E.D., COMPRESSOR
RUNNING L.E.D., 2 mode of operation L.E.D.’s (Continuous or Start/Stop), 2 starting sequence L.E.D.’s (Lead or Auto).
Three pressure sensitive membrane style pushbuttons to select the mode of operation (Continuous or Start/Stop), starting
sequence (Lead or Auto) and ALARM CANCEL that silences the audible alarm horn and deactivates the alarm contacts.
Four flashing fault indicators (Overload, Hi Temp, Lag Comp and System). One fault code display which indicates the type
of system fault that has occurred. Audible alarm horn that sounds when one of the four fault conditions has occurred.
Design Capacity
(one pump in
reserve) SCFM @
250 PSIG each
Capacity of
each pump
@ 250 PSIG
Qty of
System Model
Tank Mounted
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