Laboratory Emergency Disaster Plan

Laboratory Emergency Disaster Plan
Lab Supervisor/PI_____________________________
Building __________________ Room :_________________
Effective Date: ____________________________________
Emergencies and disasters can happen at any moment, and they usually occur without
warning. When an emergency strikes the first priority is the safety of the faculty, staff,
students and visitors at Northern Illinois University (NIU). This will depend on the
existing levels of preparedness among faculty and staff.
In most emergencies, an individual’s role is limited. One of the keys to handling these
situations is to turn them over to people who have received special training and who have
the proper equipment for the job.
Two important roles, for every employee, are to get away safely and do what one can to
expedite and clear the way for the people handling the problem.
The NIU Emergency Disaster Plan is designed to provide faculty and staff with the tools
to develop a program within each department to accomplish these tasks.
Reporting Emergencies
In general, emergencies are reported by dialing 911. It is important to have as much
information as possible to give to the dispatcher. The dispatcher may ask additional
questions to ensure the proper personnel and equipment respond to the emergency.
Type of Emergency
Terrorism/ Threat
Chemical Spill/ Leak
Report by
Pull nearest fire alarm
911 or Call Lab Safety 815-753-1610
Emergency Escape Procedures and Routes
Emergency escape procedures and route assignments must be posted in each work area.
All employees must be trained in the correct procedures to follow. Floor plans, for
documenting the route assignments, are available by contacting the Department of
Environmental Health and Safety at 753-0404.
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Laboratory Emergency Disaster Plan
Type of Emergency
Terrorism/ Threat
Chemical Spill/ Leak
Go To
Exit building* to assembly point
Remain at location
Exit building* to assembly point
Go to designated tornado shelter areas
Exit immediate area or exit building to
assembly point if necessary
* See attached floor plan for exit locations
Assembly Point Locations
(Only if Primary location is not available)
Tornado Shelter Locations
Mandatory Evacuation Process
It is mandatory that all University employees evacuate the building upon notification of
an evacuation. Evacuation notification may be given verbally or by an alarm system.
Employee Accountability Procedures After Evacuations
Each Laboratory Supervisor/PI is responsible for accounting for all assigned faculty and
staff, personally or through a designee, by having all people report to a predetermined,
designated assembly point. Each person must be accounted for by name.
Lab Supervisor/PI:
Name: _________________________________________________________
1. Each department must establish assembly points (primary and secondary) for all
evacuation routes. Assembly points are designated on each posted work area escape
2. All faculty and staff must report to their designated primary assembly point
immediately following an evacuation. The secondary location is to be used only if the
primary location is not available.
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Laboratory Emergency Disaster Plan
3. Each person is responsible for reporting to his or her Laboratory Supervisor/PI so that
an accurate count can be made. The Laboratory Supervisor/PI will check off the names
of all those reporting and will report those not checked off as missing to the Emergency
4. The Emergency Coordinator will be the University Police, DeKalb Fire Department or
other authority that is coordinating emergency efforts.
5. The Emergency Coordinator will determine the method to be utilized to locate missing
Critical Shutdown Operations Before Evacuation
Critical operations are health and safety related equipment shutdown procedures. These
procedures are, in general, not relevant to academic functions, except in the case if
equipment may pose a hazard if left unattended. In no case should an individual put him
or herself in physical danger to shut down equipment.
Rescue and Medical Duties
Specific rescue and medical duties have been assigned to designated individuals. These
personnel have received special training and instructions for properly carrying out these
Emergency Equipment
Type of equipment
First Aid Kit
Eyewash station
Safety shower
Fire extinguisher
Fire blanket
Phone/emergency call box
Fire alarm pull box
Alarm System
Alarm systems for notifying all employees in case of an emergency are:
Type of Emergency
Alarm System
Fire Alarm
Verbal notification
Terrorism/ Threat
*Fire Alarm if advised by Emergency
NOAA Weather Radio, Weather-L
listserve, Outdoor sirens
Chemical Spill/ Leak
*Fire Alarm if advised by Emergency
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Laboratory Emergency Disaster Plan
* The Fire Alarm System may be used as an Evacuation Notification System, (in the
event of a Terrorism/Threat or Chemical Spill/Leak), only if advised by a law
enforcement official or a University Official.
Training consists of review of all the components of the Emergency Disaster Plan. In
addition, evacuation drills shall be done on an annual basis. All training and drills need
to be documented. Documentation consists of a copy of the current plan, and a sign-in
sheet. The sign-in sheet needs to include department name, date and time of training and
name of all those in attendance.
Training for all faculty and staff is necessary when:
1. The plan is initiated
2. Responsibilities within the plan change
3. New employees are hired or transferred
In some departments, it will be necessary to have some employees trained to assist others
during an emergency evacuation. The following personnel have been trained to assist in
the safe and orderly emergency evacuation of other employees.
Work Area
Special Assignment
Further Information:
For further information, or assistance with training, please call ORCIS Laboratory Safety
815-753-9251 or 815-753-6291.
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